NEWS: Lorna Shore return to the abyss…

Two years ago Symphonic Deathcore titans Lorna Shore unleashed their groundbreaking EP “…And I Return to Nothingness” which features the smash-hit “To the Hellfire”, which has accumulated 55 million streams between Spotify and YouTube. To celebrate the  anniversary, the band have dropped a new video for EP track “Of The Abyss” directed by Loki Films (Spoiler, Ingested, Osiah).

Guitarist Adam De Micco comments: “I don’t think anyone of us could predict what the EP would have done for this band as well as us as individuals. Those three songs allowed us to do things we would have only dreamed of. We are extremely grateful for everything that came from this EP and want to celebrate its anniversary. Thank you for finding yourself in this body of work the way we have. Thank you for everything. I’m a firm believer in the butterfly effect. While you can try and boil it down to one song or one moment in a song, that’s just one moment in a career with a lot leading up to that.

“Hellfire” was a big, viral moment for the band, but we are way more than just a viral 30-second breakdown band” adds drummer Austin Archey.

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