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NEWS: Hideous Divinity premier “Chestburst” as the drop ship approaches!

Italian Technical Death Metal heavyweights Hideous Divinity have unleashed a second nightmare from their upcoming Alien themed EP “LV-426” which follows a sub-narrative of the second Alien movie, directed by James Cameron. Adorned with Alien-themed artwork by Colin Estrada, the new release will drop on 23rd April via Century Media and feature a surprise Tech-Death

Live Review: Butcher Babies “Goliath” Live Stream!

Produced by Josh Wilbur (Trivium, All That Remains, Gojira) the debut album from Los Angeles Groove Metallers Butcher Babies (ex-Amen, ex-Scars of Tomorrow, ex-Azdachao) appeared in 2013 via Century Media a year after their self titled debut EP and big single “Mr. Slowdeath” and with the success of “I Smell a Massacre” and “Magnolia Blvd.“,

NEWS: Frozen Soul escape the Arctic Stranglehold?

Back in January Century Media released “Crypt Of Ice” by Frozen Soul, an old school Death Metal record with Bolt Thrower vibes and after bassist Samantha Mobley spoke to Little Punk People about her career as at tattoo artist as well has the bands life thus far earlier this week, the promotional campaign continues with

NEWS: Witherfall celebrate with “The Unyielding Grip of Each Passing Day” video!

After entering several international charts with their latest album, “Curse Of Autumn”, Witherfall have released a video for “The Unyielding Grip of Each Passing Day” which showcases the incredible technical qualities of the individual members of the band – in particular Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats, Necrophagist, Jordan Rudess, Kreator) and Anthony Crawford (Chon, Alan Holdsworth,

NEWS: Monuments go Tech-Metal groove with “Deadnest”!

After their US tour was lost in the mists of time once more, Progressive Metallers Monuments chose instead to return to the studio and work on new material to follow their last album “Phronesis” with new vocalist Andy Cizek no doubt keen to make his own mark with the group. First single “Animus” has now

NEWS: Skeletal Remains in re-issue ramage!

After taking their name from a line in “Human Dissection” by Demolition Hammer when they formed in 2011, Californian Death Metallers Skeletal Remains haven’t looked back and 21st May could be the biggest date in their decade together so far. It will see not one, not two but three albums re-issued in expanded forms with 2012’s

NEWS: X marks the spot for BALA?

In Spanish duo BALA, Century Media have signed a pair of musicians who won’t compromise and for the third single “X” from their upcoming 14th May album “Maleza” they have given an outstanding track an outstanding music video. The first bite is with the eye and for this one the visual concept is just as important

Bootleg: Caliban at Rockpalast!

German Metalcore mainstays Caliban have a new album in “Zeitgeister” on the way which comprises re-imagined works in the bands native tongue inspired by their recording of a cover of “Sonne” by Rammstein. That will drop on 14th May via label home Century Media, so in the meantime, we recommend sitting back and checking out