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NEWS: All eyes on the deceived Arch Enemy!

…with their co-headlining European tour trek with Behemoth pushed back until September 2022 we had wondered if this year would see anything new from Arch Enemy and to that end our question has been answered with a new standalone single, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen called “Deceiver, Deceiver“. The band’s first original release since

NEWS: Lorna Shore? In January? Winter Warmer from the fires of Deathcore Hell!

After Symphonic Deathcore titans Lorna Shore announced their participation in Bring Me The Horizon‘s ‘Survival Horror European Tour‘ in February 2022 alongside A Day To Remember and Poorstacy we honestly didn’t know what to expect next. What we have is the announcement of a preceding UK headlining tour of smaller venues with support from Distant and

NEWS: Swallow The Sun search for enemies?

Coupled with a music video produced by Dronicon Films Finnish Death Doom Metal pioneers Swallow The Sun have unveiled another from their upcoming new album “Moonflowers“. The record is set for 19th November via Century Media and following the dark and mournful previous single “Woven Into Sorrow“, the latest offering “Enemy” offers a heavier and

NEWS: The Lurking Fear share “Death Reborn”!

An old-school Death Metal Supergroup from Sweden featuring members of At The Gates, Disfear, God Macabre, Skitsystem, Tormented and The Haunted in their illustrious line-up are soon to release their anxiously awaited sophomore album “Death, Madness, Horror, Decay” on 19th November 19th 2021 via Century Media. For The Lurking Fear the new record follows up their

NEWS: Orthodox sell “Body & Soul” to Century Media!

One of a fistful of bands who are bringing Hardcore to a new, disturbing place of unease, anger and brokenness, Nashville Tennessee homewreckers Orthodox have announced their signing from Unbeaten Records to major label Century Media for an in the works third album. It seems that tearing up in the US playing alongside the likes

Throwback: “Engineering The Dead” from Aborted!

The 20th Anniversary of “Engineering the Dead“, the sophomore album by Belgian Death Metal act Aborted deserves celebration, a nightmarish gorefest that serves as the fantasy of Dr Frankenstein aka Sven de Caluwé as he builds a monster of gargantuan proportions. Despite forming in 1995 it would be six years before the band released their

NEWS: Bonded call to Lilith, the Queen Of Blood!

German Thrash Metallers Bonded who feature in their ranks members and former members of Sodom, Suicidal Angels and Assassin are once again preparing for war with “Into Darkness“, the follow up to 2020’s critically acclaimed “Rest In Violence“. Once again teaming up with producer Cornelius Rambadt (Sodom, Disbelief, Onkel Tom) at the Rambado Recording Studio

Review: “3rd Degree – The Raising” by Gemini Syndrome

“There’s something deeper under the surface of our music, and it’s designed to allow the listener to resonate and wake up to their potential. See, when an initiation is done properly, who the person was before, and who they are after the initiation, are two different people. Essentially being Raised to a higher degree of

NEWS: Wiegedood reach the dawn of a new age…

While their touring plans with Portrayal Of Guilt for 2022 were announced a little while ago, we are yet to hear any new music from Wiegedood… until now! So as the World circles the drain at gathering speed have returned to provide a perfectly vicious soundtrack with “Nuages“, the first single culled from their forthcoming