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NEWS: Seasons Awake tag in Taylor Barber for new single!

It has to be said that Left To Suffer frontman Taylor Barber is chalking up those guest vocal appearances at a phenomenal rate a the minute with the latest seeing him join Seasons Awake for one they like to call “CXRRUPTION“. The Birmingham based Deathcore trio utilized the skills of Asleep At The Helm man

The Black Map #185: Seasons Awake from Hereford!

After a week off while we attended last weekends Rabidfest in Oxford, it’s time to return once again to our longest running feature, The Black Map, a weekly insight into the UK Underground Metal scene. As the headline suggests, it’s to deepest darkest Hereford that we travel, 16 miles away from the border with Wales

NEWS: Seasons Awake bring in CJ McCreery for “Desolate”!

Despite pleading not guilty, after his exit from Lorna Shore there was a school of thought that said we might not see a return to Deathcore from CJ McCreery, who until that point had not only been the main man in Signs Of The Swarm but also a regular as clockwork guest vocal appearance maker.

NEWS: Seasons Awake tap in Tom Barber for “Xinteng”!

The tail end of April saw Progressive Metalcore act Seasons Awake release a deluxe version of their album “Homeland“. The high quality affair influenced by the likes of Architects and Erra and has a notable heavy cut slap bang in the middle of it. A guest vocal appearance from Tom Barber (ex-Lorna Shore, Chelsea Grin