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NEWS: Venom Prison to crush October!

Welsh Death Metallers Venom Prison have announced the rescheduled dates for the previously postponed European tour trek with Mancunian Blackened Hardcore band Leeched and Creeping Death in tow. Due to ongoing developments they have announced the run will take place in October and be a UK only run with Swiss Progressive Technical Death Metal act Virvum replacing

Documentary: Venom Prison Podcast Episode #3: Disco, Disco!

When it comes to discos the only ones we like are the all powerful and flavorful salt and vinegar crisp variety but Welsh Death Metallers Venom Prison have chosen the title for the third edition of their podcast project series. This one focuses on topics of physical activity, mindfulness, meditation and a healthy lifestyle before

Documentary: Venom Prison Podcast Episode #2: Almost Dying!

Welsh Death Metallers Venom Prison can’t be accused of been standing still during the Great Plague; they’ve re-recorded their debut EP pairing and re-branded it “Primeval” while also working on a brand new album, signing to Century Media and starting a podcast series! In this episode the band discuss Mental Health on tour, the recording

Documentary: Behind “Slayer of Holofernes” with Venom Prison!

While Welsh Death Metallers Venom Prison are recording a new record, they are also celebrating the past with a look back at “Slayer of Holofernes” from the recently released “Primeval“, a re-recording of their debut EPs as a single album. Music video director Thomas Coe-Brooker provides the footage and also appears as the tortured man

Documentary: Venom Prison Podcast #1!

In what they’re promising is the first of many, Welsh Death Metallers Venom Prison have put together a podcast style documentary in which they talk about life away from the road during lockdown, the fresh recording of their older songs that is “Primevil” and what the future holds for them. We know they are working

Bootleg: “Miathraphgy” from Venom Prison!

Yeah, you’ve guessed it. Another one from the European Metal Festival Alliance 2020 set that was filmed in London in “Miathraphgy” from Venom Prison has surfaced courtesy of Bloodstock. Normally we’ve have run out of something else to say by this point but frontwoman Larissa Stupar spoke to Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta in the latest

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Officer Down.

…seeing as 2020 is the 20th Anniversary of “Carved From Empty Words” by Stampin’ Ground, it was only ever a matter of time before a head to head for single “Officer Down” appeared in this very feature. It’s a classic track from a classic album. Simple as. They may have had a turbulent career but

Bootleg: “Corrode The Black Sun” from Venom Prison!

Following “Abysmal Agony“, “Uterine Industrialisation” and “Perpetrator Emasculation” cut from the set of Venom Prison for the European Metal Festival Alliance 2020 live stream event, Bloodstock have now gone with “Corrode The Black Sun” from 2018’s “Animus” as the latest moment from it, recorded at the Tufnell Park Dome in London.

Bootleg: “Perpetrator Emasculation” from Venom Prison!

As Venom Prison would have been playing the 20th Anniversary of Bloodstock this summer, the Welsh Death Metallers were added to the European Metal Festival Alliance streaming weekend and a third song from their set has been aired by Bloodstock themselves. It comes the day after “Primeval“, a re-recording of a pair of the bands

NEWS: Venom Prison become the “Slayer of Holofernes”!

Also celebrating the release of a new record are Welsh Death Metal titans Venom Prison, who with “Slayer of Holofernes” which has been brought to life with a music video thanks to Thomas Coe-Brooker are bordering on Deathgrind territory. The record in question is “Primeval“, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Dring at Vagrant