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Documentary: Crazy Tour Stories with Venom Prison!

When it comes to tour stories, some bands are more willing to share than others and fortunately enough guitarist duo Ash Gray and Ben Thomas from Welsh Death Metallers Venom Prison shared these with Digital Tour Bus after they got signed to Century Media. As new album “Erebos” continues to ring out in our ear

Interview: Venom Prison talk first concert ever!

There is nothing quite like a first concert so Digital Tour Bus, the Chicago Illinois team behind the iconic Bus Invaders and Gear Gods series put together a series dedicated to it. In the latest offering from that, episode #422 Welsh Death Metallers Venom Prison guitarist duo Ash Gray and Ben Thomas spill their guts

Playthrough: “Pain Of Oizys” from Venom Prison!

Forced to sit out previously planned shows due to the pregnancy of vocalist Larissa Stupar, Welsh Death Metallers Venom Prison have started to find other ways to keep their February released fourth album and first for Century Meida “Erebos” in the limelight. This guitar playthrough finds Ash Gray and Ben Thomas ripping through single “Pain Of

Documentary: Pre-Show rituals with Venom Prison!

Following the news that Welsh Death Metallers Venom Prison are dialing back their current  touring plans due to formidable vocalist Larissa Stupar’s pregnancy with the intention instead to get creative with their offering around their current Century Media released “Erebos”, the bands pre-show rituals have been exposed by Digital Tour Bus, the creators of the

Bootleg: “Slayer Of Holofernes” from Venom Prison!

There’s nothing quite like the smell of napalm in the morning. Pyrotechnics and bright sunshine is all you need as Welsh Death Metallers Venom Prison took to the Ronnie James Dio main stage of Bloodstock Open Air Festival last summer for the 20th Anniversary event and “Slayer Of Holofernes” has been shared by the powers

Interview: Tour Tips with Venom Prison!

There is a World of difference between going from a band that plays shows to a band that tours for months on end and the Digital Tour Bus series tour tips is one to provide like alcoholics anonymous the kind of tips and advice you need to survive on the road (as well as for

NEWS: Venom Prison get (un)comfortable?

A celebration of an album release with a music video is a thing of beauty and to that end Welsh Death Metallers Venom Prison have chosen “Comfort Of Complicity” for the purpose with vocalist Larissa Strupar handling the situation. The album in question is “Erebos” which is out now via Century Media and the bands

NEWS: Venom Prison fail to cover Arch Enemy with “Nemesis”!

Also sneaking out this weekend is a third single from “Erebos“, the upcoming Century Media debut from Welsh Death Metallers Venom Prison. Titled “Nemesis”, it follows “Judges Of The Underworld” and “Pain Of Oizys” with the record set for 4th February, the three proving the bands worth with the better part of 100k of streams on

Playthrough: “Judges Of The Underworld” from Venom Prison!

Welsh Death Metallers Venom Prison inked a deal in blood with Century Media for a 4th February release of new album “Erebos” and with singles “Pain Of Oizys” and “Judges Of The Underworld” it looks like their are going to be more than a few surprises with new dimensions explored as it plays out. Ash

Documentary: Venom Prison Podcast Episode #5!

You know what’s occurring. You’ve got your ear to the ground. Venom Prison have dropped a pair of singles in “Judges Of The Underworld” and “Pain Of Oizys” and introduced something new to their Death Metal sound while inking a deal with Century Media for new album “Erebos”.