NEWS: Venom Prison get (un)comfortable?

A celebration of an album release with a music video is a thing of beauty and to that end Welsh Death Metallers Venom Prison have chosen “Comfort Of Complicity” for the purpose with vocalist Larissa Strupar handling the situation. The album in question is “Erebos” which is out now via Century Media and the bands most diverse offering to date…

The band comment on the single: “’Comfort of Complicity” is a song about the European and American immigration systems and the way they break families apart and criminalise vulnerable people for simply wanting to give a better life for their families. Musically this song goes through many sounds and emotions and making it as one piece was a challenge. The song wanted to sound like a journey going through aggression to a more major key moment with some form of hope

And on the album: “We are extremely proud to have our 3rd full length, ‘Erebos’, finally out in the world. Bringing VENOM PRISON forward on this release we’ve explored new avenues and added more depth and layers to our sound which listeners will find a new experience, ‘Erebos’ is full of surprises at the least to say. It truly touches on social issues as expected but this time it’s personal – more emotion and attachment than ever before, anger with compassion. Balancing the darkness with light and showing a truer side to what really haunts through sound and words

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