The Black Map #48: Diabolus from Andover!

It’s been a couple of years since Diabolus dropped EP “Feast”, littered with Technical guitar work with elements of Slam and Hardcore wrapped up with the odd Kerry King inspired solo. However, the Hampshire Blackened Deathcore crew have had a tough time since. Despite single “Cannibal of Siberia” getting the band plenty of attention and getting to share a stage with Traitors in February 2018, by May they were a guitarist a drummer down. But after the announcement that they were recording new material in June things seemed to be on the up.

Well eight months on and it’s finally here! The arrival of former Palmist bassist Edd Keaton as their new Guitarist and the statement that they’ve been working together for a couple of months has been followed by new single “Splintered”! 28th February will see the band return to the stage at The Star Inn in Guildford with Depravity, Creek, Tempest and Here Lies Tatiana!

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