The Black Map: #12: To Kill Achilles from Dundee!

Continuing our journey across the UK’s Black Map of underground metal bands, today we arrive in sunny Dundee for To Kill Achilles. The Scottish post-hardcore fused metallers band have made a name for themselves off the back of their endeavour and sheer hard work. Since their formation in 2010, the quintet comprised of frontman Mark Tindal, Guitarists Marc Sharp and Shaun Laurence alongside bassist Matthew Trippett and drummer Kieran Smith have released a full length album in 2013’s “Existence” alongside a pair of stand alone singles and 2017’s 6 track EP “Anywhere But Here”. Latest single “Venom” released little over a month ago has been credited as a big step up for the band and a slight style shift. On this evidence the sky is the limit, but you can judge for yourself!

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