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Playthrough: “Bludgeoned” from Harvested!

Opening up the floor for a wall of death when the beat drops are Canadian Death Metal genre splitters Harvested, a band whose debut self titled EP revolves around mental illness, taking inspiration from horror and thriller movies, all of which was very well received by not only those at Metal Noise (who are they?)

Playthrough: “Ceremony Of The Rotten” #2 from Profanity!

Admittedly German tech death metal institution Profanity have dropped a playthrough video for damn near every single track on their current album “Fragments of Solace” and for some more than one but they haven’t done one quite like this. Guitarist Thomas Sartor rips through “Ceremony Of The Rotten” with Suffocation guitarist Terrance Hobbs dropping in for

NEWS: Delphian leave us on Cloud Nine!

Hands down one of the finest Progressive Technical Death Metal albums of the year “Somnambulant Foregoer” from Delphian is one that simply needs to be heard to be believed and without knowing it, you may have already heard them as they can also be found on screen in the Mike Judge comedy, “Extract” as the

Review: “Somnambulant Foregoer” by Delphian

In the past when reviewing albums we’ve spoken of things that give a record a certain seal of approval before you’ve even heard a single note and in the case of the debut album from Los Angeles Californian Progressive Technical Death Metal outfit Delphian, for us at least, the presence of the man, the myth

NEWS: Delphian premier title track of “Somnambulant Foregoer”!

Los Angeles California Progressive Death Metal duo Delphian have unveiled a third single and the title track of their 12th November dropping album  the premiere of “Somnambulant Foregoer“. The band were  formed by brothers Jason and Matthew Williams while attending Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and for the  album they are joined by the pummeling

Playthrough: “Ceremony of the Rotten” from Profanity!

When you have managed to get a guest list together as good as German Death Metallers Profanity did for their December 2020 released album “Fragments Of Solace” then you can’t help but lick your lips at the prospect of what is on offer and it has to be said that each one of them did

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Jane.

The cult following for the fourth album “Jane Doe” from American Metalcore outfit Converge has remained intact for the past 20 years as the critical acclaim for the album with some going as far as to call it the greatest of the Metalcore era. Having a bigger budget allowing for the entire album to be

NEWS: Profanity “Pierced from Within” by Suffocation!

Thomas Sartor, the guitarist and mastermind of German Technical Death Metallers Profanity, a self confessed Suffocation fan has recorded guitar covers of not only “Pierced from Within” but also “Thrones Of Blood” in this freshly released video. Playing along with original drum playthrough videos from the man who wrote the original parts in drummer Doug Bohn

NEWS: Bound In Fear announce “Penance”!

UK Deathcore brutes Bound In Fear may not have been able to tour their March released EP “Eternal” as yet but they have as if from nowhere announced a new album in “Penance” which will be released on 15th October via Unique Leader Records. The outing features a quartet of guest vocal appearances with Jamie