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Documentary: Behind the scenes of “Jump” with Frog Leap Studios!

After paying tribute to the late Eddie Van Halen with a cover of his band Van Halen‘s hit “Jump” for his weekly Friday Metal cover, Leo Moracchioli from Frog Leap Studios Norway takes us behind the scenes of the accompanying video shoot in this little featurette, while cover itself features a guest solo from Ben

Exclusive Interview: DAO on “Worthless”!

Having skipped any thoughts of an EP to test the waters and released their debut full length “Worthless” on 27th September, Leeds natives DAO have given us tinnitus from listening to it in the best way. Far too loud. Seeing as they were kind enough to let us review the album before it landed everywhere

The Artwork That Should Not Be #4: “Metal Magic” by Pantera

In 1983 Pantera were a little known American band from Arlington Texas formed of the greatly missed Dimebag & Vinnie Paul Abbott alongside Rex Brown who had replaced Tommy D. Bradford a year earlier and then vocalist Terry Glaze. They played Glam Metal in those days and it wasn’t until late 1986 Philip H. Anselmo joined the