Listmania: 50 Of The Worst Album Covers Ever!

There was a time, back in day when going down to the local record store and flicking through the albums on the rack in the Metal section ment that a potentially decent album was easy to spot. For us, at the height of Roadrunner Records, their logo was the seal of approval and if that first bite with the eye on the cover art was appealing then 9 times out of 10 the album was going to be a good time and money well spent.

So when we came to read this newly put together article by Kerrang Magazine, we spat our piping hot coffee across the room with laughter. Not even in our most childish, drunken moments have we ever thought that an album cover depicting an armour plated igloo on wheels would be a good idea for an album cover. But then what do we know?!

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