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Bootleg: Fit For An Autopsy in the K! Pit!

The latest entry in the Kerrang Magazine K! Pit series sees Fit For An Autopsy destroy a dive bar called The Gutter in Brooklyn New York with new song “Shepard” and classic “Black Mammoth” appearing in a 6 song set! “The Sea Of Tragic Beasts” is out tomorrow, 25th October via Nuclear Blast!

Listmania: 5x Nu-Metal Bands… That You Might Have Heard Of!

Earlier this week Kerrang Magazine published an article entitled “11 Nu-Metal Bands Your Probably Don’t Remember” and… covered 11 Nu-Metal bands that we remember very well! So in our infinite wisdom we’ve decided to put together a bunch of 5 Nu-Metal bands you may remember that were perhaps one hit wonders or a little bit

Throwback: “Smile” by Taproot!

Last week Kerrang Magazine published an interesting article on “The 13 Most Nu-Metal Moments Of All Time“. It’s a decent read and something of a nostalgia trip down the yellow brick road otherwise known as memory lane with as you’d expect mentions of KoRn and Limp Bizkit but also a resurgent Evanescence and of course

Review: “Alter Nature” by BATS

Returning after a 7 year absence with their third studio album, Dublin based Science Metal meets Avant Noise-Rock band BATS are about to “Alter Nature“. They have a rich history having previously earned critical acclaim from the likes of Metal Hammer, NME and Kerrang! for a trio of releases in 2007 debut EP “Cruel Sea

Documentary: Norma Jean talk “All Hail”!

In this latest episode of “Art Of The Record” from Kerrang Magazine, Norma Jean talk about recording their new album “All Hail” with the legendary Will Putney! The bands first album without lead guitarist Jeff Hickey will be out 25th October so keep them peeled for that.

Documentary: Stray From The Path “Internal Atomics”!

The Kerrang Magazine series “The Art Of The Record” with Producer Will Putney takes in his work on the upcoming new Stray From The Path album “Internal Atomics” in its latest episode. We get to see the band write lyrics and record vocals for the album that is due out on 1st November, before the

NEWS: Kerrang Pick 50!

A decent read, Kerrang Magazine have published their 50 Best Openers in Metal a couple of days back. The list covers a multitude of bands with as you might expect “Blind” by KoRn, “Ruin” by Lamb Of God and “Refuse/Resist” by Sepultura all making an appearance. Not sure why Slayer and Metallica get a pair

Bootleg: Norma Jean in the K! Pit!

For those who don’t know, 25tb October will see “All Hail”, a brand new album from Norma Jean appear via Solid State Records! As part of the promotional work and their current touring run, they smashed set out at the Brooklyn New York dive bar The Gutter as part of Kerrang Magazine’s K! Pit series!

The Black Map #73: Hundred Year Old Man from Leeds!

When some people talk you just listen and take heed of what they have to say. So when someone as important as Employed To Serve frontman Justine Jones, who also happens to be the label Manager Holyroar Records dropped 5 must hear British Metal bands for Kerrang Magazine, we were all ears. One of the