Riff Police! Pull Over! #87: Opposition Party Vs Metallica!

Music is about personal taste and opinion and so from bands with a rich discography each Metal Head will have their own personal favourite. If someone asked where to start with Metal or who Metallica are, we’d hand over a copy of the brilliant “Master Of Puppets“. For us, it’s simply Metallica’s finest hour. It has the perfect balance and it doesn’t have a single track that doesn’t meet the highest standards. Recorded and Produced by Flemming Rasmussen at Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark it was released via Elektra Records in 1986, the last album to feature bassist Cliff Burton who tragically died in a bus accident during the albums promotional cycle.

Formed way back in 1986, the year of “Master Of Puppets” release, Opposition Party attained notoriety as Singapore’s first punk band. Gradually leaning towards Hardcore before adopting a Metallic edge over the years that followed they landed EP “Tales To Horrify” in November 2019. When you hear the EP’s opening cut “Ancient Horror” you might find yourself on familiar ground. That’s because it’s riff appears to be based on the unmistakable title track of Metallica’s masterpiece. It’s hard not to be influenced by a masterpiece, isn’t it? Robb Flynn boasted that his band Machine Head could play all of “Master Of Puppets” when Kerrang Magazine issued a tribute record and picked “Battery” in the end…

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