Riff Police! Pull Over! #45: Machine Head Vs Hate Force!

Often talked about, much loved and much panned, Oakland Californian Robb Flynn fronted Machine Head have released more than their fair share of diamonds over the years. Many would argue that their debut full length “Burn My Eyes” is a not only a stone wall classic, but an album that the band haven’t bettered. Seeing as Robb Flynn is now the last man standing from the line-up that wrote the album, it seems unlikely that a return to that sound could be a thing. The albums highlight of highlights is probably “Davidian” – and there won’t be many Metal fans who don’t know it. 3 minutes 44 seconds into the tune, that killer slow down and riffage is a piece of genius.

Fast forward nearly 25 years and 3 minutes 52 seconds into “War Machine” by Hate Force, a Black Metal band from Chicago Illinois that features members of Harms Way, Weekend Nachos and Like Rats in their ranks and you’ll hear something familiar. That low growl followed by a slower version of the music with that same chord progression. It’s right here. Influenced? It has to be, as unlikely as it seems.

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