Riff Police! Pull Over! #24: Dio Vs Foo Fighters!

Ronnie James Dio is about as legendary as it gets when it comes to Metal. A hero in his own right and once a member of Black Sabbath to boot, his legend lives on in the form of a touring hologram with his live band. Probably his best known tune is “Holy Diver”, a song also covered by Metalcore heroes Killswitch Engage and hugely successful for them, introducing it to another generation of Metal heads.

The Foo Fighters are a hugely successful and influencial band in their own right. When “Something from Nothing” appeared from “Sonic Highways” however, the influence on Dave Ghrol’s band was obvious. If you don’t find yourself starting to sing “Holy Diver” around the 89 second mark then we’d be surprised. Riff Police! PULL OVER!

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