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Interview: In Flames talk “Clayman” and the live experience!

But not just the Swedish Melodic Death Metallers. Members of Killswitch Engage, Earth Crisis, Darkest Hour, Dark Tranquillity, Moonspell, As I Lay Dying, Trivium and Burn It Down are all in this interview put together to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of “Clayman” from In Flames. A re-release will occur on 28th August with an EP

NEWS: The Haarp Machine cover Karnivool!

It is definitely going to be interesting when the second album from The Haarp Machine drops, that’s for sure. Now that Al Mu’min has taken on vocal duties as well as guitars and bass, he’s been keen to share his capabilities and show how far he’s come along vocally with a series covers. Having already

Interview: Mosh talks with Killswitch Engage!

Knotfest are running an interview series called Mosh talks and in the initial run there is an interesting interview with Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach. He gives them (and us!) the low down on his various projects, but the thing that we’re most curious about is what he has to say about his guest appearance

Playthrough: “Enraged Despair” from Sentre!

At the end of March we reviewed the self titled EP from Belgian Metallers Sentre as they strived to resurrect a sound that falls neatly between In Flames and Killswitch Engage with the help of Matthijs Quaars Audio (Spoil Engine, Exhuminate) who recorded, mixed and mastered the effort. As all shows have been placed strictly on hold, the

Review: “Civil Unrest” by Machine Head

Oakland California Thrash Metallers Machine Head have been around the block and then some. Their 25th Anniversary tour trek celebrating their seminal debut album “Burn My Eyes” should be taking place as this twin track single “Civil Unrest” is released but instead the band are at home waiting out the storm of Corona Virus and

Playthrough: The Haarp Machine release KsE vocal cover!

As The Haarp Machine progresses its transition into its new form with mastermind Al Mu’min now becoming a multi instrumentalist and vocalist, he has released a partial vocal cover of “The Arms Of Sorrow” by Killswitch Engage. It’s an interesting choice as the power of Howard Jones is something that is going to be hard

Review: “Self Titled” by Tides Collide

The seemingly never ending stream of talent emanating from the hotbed that is Australia in recent times has been nothing short of incredible. It has become a running joke that everyone in the country seems to be in a up and coming band or a promising Olympian. Maybe there is something in the water. The