Riff Police! Pull Over! #93: Pantera Vs Overkill!

Arguably one of the most underrated Pantera albums is their ninth and final offering “Reinventing The Steel“. Recorded in 1999 with Sterling Winfield sharing production duties with the band themselves. Lyrically largely about the band themselves, it sees Slayer guitarist Kerry King add a solo to “Goddamn Electric” while the band headed out on Ozzfest together in support of it. One of our personal favourite song on the album is “Yesterday Don’t Mean S***“. A track about not living on former glories, it’s a fine piece of work. But wait. There are a lot of nines so far? Well here’s a few more, 1991 saw the release of “Horrorscope” by Overkill. The American Thrash legends fifth album was produced by Terry Date, who had worked with Pantera in the same capacity on the four albums proceeding “Reinventing The Steel” it was also the first to see guitarist duo Rob Cannavino and Merritt Gant work together. Critically acclaimed in its own right it has upon it “Blood Money“. Listen to those riffs, there isnt a cigarette paper between them…

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