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Riff Police! Pull Over! #165: Infantry Vs Pantera!

Returning for a special edition due to popular demand, our riff police series continues to educate the people of the Globe in the ways of noticing when a guitarist has been hero worshipping just that little too much and strayed from the left hand path into territory that has lawyers sharpening their pencils. It’s been

NEWS: Spoil Engine return with a Pantera cover!

There is little doubt that the most underrated Pantera album is 2000’s “Reinventing The Steel“, perhaps simply because they did so much that was great, that it gets pushed down the order of things. Our personal favourite track from that album just so happens to be “Yesterday Don’t Mean Sh!t“, a cut that Belgian and

Bootleg: Pantera in Ontario!

Filmed at the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton Ontario Canada on 25th June 2001, here’s a full set from Pantera on what turned out to be their final US summer tour. Given the name The Extreme Steel tour, it saw them headline and bring Static-X, Slayer, Morbid Angel and Skrape with them, thus allowing Kerry King

Riff Police! Pull Over! #93: Pantera Vs Overkill!

Arguably one of the most underrated Pantera albums is their ninth and final offering “Reinventing The Steel“. Recorded in 1999 with Sterling Winfield sharing production duties with the band themselves. Lyrically largely about the band themselves, it sees Slayer guitarist Kerry King add a solo to “Goddamn Electric” while the band headed out on Ozzfest

NEWS: Kerrang Magazine rank the Pantera albums!

So Kerrang Magazine have ranked the Pantera albums in their order of preference and explained why in this little article over here. For our money, they’re not too far adrift of our thinking though for is, “Vulgar Display Of Power” has to be Numero Uno with “Reinventing the Steel” very much an underrated joy. RIP

Bootleg: Pantera in Minneapolis in 2001

Pro-Shot back in 2001 at the Minneapolis stop their “The Real Steel Tour” with Soulfly and Morbid Angel, here’s a full set from Pantera. This was one of the bands final tour runs in support of 2000’s final studio album “Reinventing the Steel”.