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Riff Police! Pull Over! #45: Machine Head Vs Hate Force!

Often talked about, much loved and much panned, Oakland Californian Robb Flynn fronted Machine Head have released more than their fair share of diamonds over the years. Many would argue that their debut full length “Burn My Eyes” is a not only a stone wall classic, but an album that the band haven’t bettered. Seeing

Bootleg: Hate Force in Milwaukee!

Pro Shot from at The Borg Ward in Milwaukee Wisconsin on 23rd November 2014 during the bands original run, here’s a full set from Hate Force. The Chicago Illinois crew feature members of Harms Way, Weekend Nachos and Like Rats in their ranks and just released their self-titled debut album via the home of Vein,

Review: Self-titled by Hate Force

Chicago Illinois Death Metal band Hate Force, who feature in their ranks James Pligge, otherwise known as Harms Way‘s frontman and both current and former members of Weekend Nachos and Like Rats fame among their line-up have released a self titled debut album. It’s a project that has been a long time in the works

Review: “Only Self” by Jesus Piece

Philadelphia¬†Pennsylvania hardcore quintet Jesus Piece have been making a name for themselves as a ferocious live act having released just a handful of tracks across EPs, Splits, Promo’s and Demos since their initial release in 2015. “Only Self” is the bands debut full length for the highly respected label Southern Lord. The question is, can