Review: “Pressure Points” by Aniimalia

Having formed in the midst of a global event that changed the course of history, a trio of singles in “Flatline“, “Afterthoughts” and “Claustrophobia” turned the lives of Aniimalia upside down as they won the Kerrang! Magazines ‘The Deal’ competition, saw them signed to Marshall Records to work on a new EP with Romesh Dodangoda and perform at Download Festival 2022. Produced, mixed and mastered by Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Nova Twins, Funeral For A Friend) that EP is this five track affair “Pressure Points“…

While some might say that some people have all the luck in the World, others know that it’s what you do with the opportunities afforded to you from what others see in your raw talent that defines your longevity as a band. So while thousands of bands would kill to be where  Aniimalia are now, a lot rides on the qualities of this record for them and one can only imagine what time of pressure that can bring to those not used to it, perhaps even creating a pedestal to fall from.

Alien” throws back to an early 2000’s Nu-Metal sound with modern production and a bite in the guitar work as Kira Beckett’s impressive clean vocals expose introspection that sounds inspired by Evanescence as it plays out while having that unmistakable heavier edge makes it stand out as the opening cut. “Silver Linings” then finds the band pushing out the extremes in their sound with a Metalcore tinged breakdown section smashed in between expertly crafted  choruses with Pop sensibilities, although at less than three minutes the cut feels a little short of reaching its full potential. Continuing the  intriguing lyrics that dance around the brain,  “False Enemy” pinches a little Rage Against The Machine in the guitar work that transitions between well crafted chorus and verse segments while keeping you on the edge of your seat in terms of where the band can go from here. Each cut is well polished, the assistance of Dodangoda behind the boards helping the band sound bigger and slicker than ever before. Classic Hard Rock riffs bring “D.O.A.” to life, with Beckett once again conjuring a big chorus while letting a couple of opportunities for an unclean backing vocal go by the wayside in order to focus on her talents. Finishing the EP with some Clutch style big riffs “Haywire” has a fast start that is cleverly pulled back in order allow Beckett to strut her stuff, her vocals perhaps less suited to the higher octane approach while the band maintain their unique energy in a similar vein to previous single “Flatline“. What’s actually missing from the EP is re-recordings of the trio of previously released singles to make it a full length as together they would actually make for something a little edgier. The talent is undoubted, the work starts here [7/10]

Track Listing

  1. Alien
  2. Sliver Linings
  3. False Enemy
  4. D.O.A.
  5. Haywire

Pressure Points” by Aniimalia is out 19th August 2022 via Marshall Records

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