Review: “You Were Born To Die A Sinful Lamb” by PissPoor

A year after their debut “A Multitude of Minds in a Sole Host“, a record that formed an insight into Schizophrenia, Lubbock Texas based Metallic Hardcore quartet PissPoor¬† (Jaden Wells, Duncan Newey, Pete Guajardo and Thad Sisneros) have announced their signing to Good Junkie Records for the follow up. Entitled You Were Born To Due A Sinful Lamb“, this second record comes with the statement “A death threat for individuals who attempt to abuse their power in any religious setting to exploit, violate and destroy innocent children. May all of these individuals struggle to find peace at the end of their days”. So does that make it a concept release? Let’s start with what we know. Last time out they handled their own mixing and mastering which this time out was passed to Connor Haines at Corruption Recordings. They have however continued to record their drums at Little Room Studio in Hobbs, New Mexico and their guitars and bass at the Wells house in Lubbock, Texas. So snakes and ladders when it comes to the approach on this one and while there are 7 tracks in total, 3 of those are interludes.

A warped computer voice brings in the tension Science Fiction feeling introduction of “Nil” which sets an eerie tone before the break beats of “Prey For Me” break into juddering guitar work. An instant comparison to Vein is low hanging fruit, ripe for the picking for any reviewer but the key is that there is no Slipknot comparison here. The programming is deliberately primitive and raw, designed to build a insanity evoking tension of bad acid nausea before the riffs take control. Similarly punchy “Unfair Game” is all about the headbangable Hardcore energy with minor injections of electronics while including the line “You Were Born To Die A Sinful Lamb” which creates the EP title and encompasses the mission statement of the release with a vicious bite that draws blood. The aggression is pent up and ready to spill over but there is a tight sense of control which gives the band the air of the likes of Orthodox rather than Dillinger Escape Plan. “My Ears Are Covered” returns us to the speak and spell esq distorted voice with it’s cinematic sickening evil before the breakneck eruption of “Sob” which is the purist of the Hardcore tracks. It takes something from the Chamber playbook as it rushes out of the gates before progressively slowing down to match the speed that “Under Duress” starts at, thus aiding the flow of the record. Well constructed, the track is another venomous affair that tempo shifts tastefully through sections of abrasive riffs before a bass solo adds some funk to the menacing intent. As with the bands debut EP, which captures that raw, emotional hatred in a bottle and then delivers to back one iron fist punch at a time, this second offering does likewise but with a developed skill set and a crisper mix. PissPoor have the talent, they just need the take [7.5/10]

Track listing

1. Nil
2. Prey For Me (Bestill)
3. Unfair Game (Knowthatiamgod)
4. My Ears Are Covered
5. Sob (Exaltedamongnations)
6. Under Duress (Exaltedintheearth)
7. Your Tongue Is Severed

You Were Born To Die A Sinful Lamb” by PissPoor is out 1st May via Good Junkie Records and available for pre-order here

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