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Bootleg: Chamber return to London!

Sean Pitcam, Kathryn McBride and Owen Diplock were behind the cameras at UKHC Returns Festival at The New Cross Inn in London on 30th July and for our viewing pleasure caught the full set from a reunited and still disaffected Hardcore mob Chamber. At the same time David Tan shot dedicated drum cam footage of

Bootleg: Chamber in Lakewood Ohio!

Courtesy of Leo Sypniewski, here’s a pro-shot full set from Chamber at The Foundry Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio. Filmed on 13th August it sees the Nashville, Tennessee based Metallic Hardcore crew ripping, pulling and tearing through cuts from their  producer Randy LaBoeuf (The Acacia Strain, Kublai Khan) 2020 album “Cost of Sacrifice”. Pure Noise

NEWS: Chamber endure “Visions of Hostility”!

A third single from the upcoming album that Chamber recorded with producer Randy LaBoeuf (The Acacia Strain, Kublai Khan) entitled “Cost of Sacrifice” and dropa via Pure Noise Records on 23rd October has fallen out of the starry sky.  Following in “In Cleansing Fire” and “Scars In Complex Patterns“ which were released when the album was announced,

Playthrough: Full Set from Chamber!

West Midlands Hardcore crew Chamber brought their bleak offering “Disaffect” to Leeds Canal Mills in 2018, smashing out a set at Outbreak Fest. Here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Jack Bald, filmed by Sean Pitcam and liberated by David Tan for our viewing pleasure. We witnessed their set when they played a support slot at

Review: “You Were Born To Die A Sinful Lamb” by PissPoor

A year after their debut “A Multitude of Minds in a Sole Host“, a record that formed an insight into Schizophrenia, Lubbock Texas based Metallic Hardcore quartet PissPoor  (Jaden Wells, Duncan Newey, Pete Guajardo and Thad Sisneros) have announced their signing to Good Junkie Records for the follow up. Entitled You Were Born To Due

Bootleg: Chamber in Glasgow!

15th February saw David Tan, Kathryn McBride and Greg Hall pick up their cameras to film a full set from Chamber at G2 in Glasgow. They were on the “Nothing Left To Love” European tour with Counterparts, Can’t Swim and Static Dress, plugging their very own “Ripping Pulling Tearing” which we reviewed a couple of

Review: “Let It Take Its Course” by Orthodox

Orthodox are a band who are leading the charge out of Nashville Tennessee along with the likes of Chamber and have played shows on the under card of the main event with the likes of Left Behind, Spite and Knocked Loose since their 2017 label debut “Sounds of Loss”. They’ve gathered a rabid fan base

Review: “Ripping Pulling Tearing” by Chamber

Nashville Tennessee is a place that most of the Globe calls the home of Country Music. But there is more to the place than line dancing and Stetsons as Metallic Hardcore act Chamber will tell you. They released “Ripping Pulling Tearing” though Hardcore label of the moment Pure Noise Records, the home of Terror, Knocked

Documentary: Mixing the drum sound for Counterparts!

In this latest episode of his “Behind The Mix” series, Leo Sypniewski explains the mixing of the drums from a recent Counterparts live set, proving if it was ever necessary, that he is indeed a high grade audio engineer. The Canadian Melodic Hardcore band themselves will be in Europe in February, touring their latest Pure

Playthrough: “Vessel” from Chamber!

Over the next few days we’ve got a few reviews of albums that we missed at the time of their release appearing upon these pages. One of those is “Ripping Pulling Tearing” from Chamber, which will make a timely appearance on 30th December. Filmed by 197 Media, here’s drum cam footage of Tyler Carpenter laying