The Artwork That Should Not Be #8: Self-titled from Wolf!

Fusing Power and Speed Metal subgenres and hailing from Orebro, Sweden are Wolf. Touring the globe since 1995 with everyone from Saxon to Trivium, their self-titled album dropped in April 1999 via Prosthestic Records after a trio of demos and a pair of singles. It was an all Swedish affair, recorded and mixed at The Abyss Studio in Pärlby, before being Mastered at The Cutting Room in Stockholm. But it’s the cover artwork that really catches the eye! Part Wolf part Baboon?! The nose and area around the eyes are certainly more monkey that dog! Wearing a jacket and sporting some finger like claws which… Appear to be some sort of evil birds?! What was artist Arnold trying to create? There’s no clue in the song titles or lyrics, that’s for sure! Clearly it didn’t put anyone off as the Niklas Stålvind fronted band are still active with “Devil Seed” released in 2014 via Century Media.

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