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Review: “Darkest Days” by Sinful Ways

Two years after the release of their debut EP “To Hell Tonight” which saw them share stages with the likes of A Pale Horse Named Death, As the Structure Fails and The Northern, the return of Ottawa Canadians Sinful Ways sees the departure of one of its founder members in guitarist and vocalist Andres Pierce

Bootleg: “Outside” from Malevolence!

If you could have picked one song for Sheffield Shredders Malevolence to cover, what would you pick? “I Will Be Heard” by Hatebreed might be the first pick. But strangely enough, recorded on 25th September at Dig Brew in Birmingham as part of the celebration of the new Trivium album “In The Court Of The Dragon“,

Bootleg: “Like A Sword Over Damocles” from Trivium!

It seems surreal that a band the size of Trivium could be opening for Metallica but then it’s not every day you get the open for your heroes. 4th November saw the pair in Hollywood Florida where Trivium performed “Like A Sword Over Damocles” from their new album “In The Court Of The Dragon” and

NEWS: Malevolence December shows!

Following the announcement that they will be playing the co-headlining shows between Trivium and Heaven Shall Burn in January 2023, Sheffield Shredders Malevolence have pulled the pin and rolled the grenade of a quartet of smaller venue shows in December for fans to scramble for. They’ll be alongside Guilt Trip and Rough Justice for these

Playthrough: “In The Court Of The Dragon” from Trivium!

In a truly unique offering, Trivium vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy has recorded a full album playthrough video for the bands incredible new record “In The Court Of The Dragon” for your viewing pleasure. As something of a double edged sword, this comes in the same day that the news of the bands rescheduled Impericon

Review: “Insurrection” by Helgrind

Celebrating 20 years of mayhem, underground Thrash legends Helgrind have returned from the depths of the abyss for “Insurrection“. The record comes almost a decade after its predecessor in 2011’s “Inquisition” and marks the first writing collaboration between vocalist and bassist Paula Nelson and guitarist Si Ellis as they looked to create a new record

Bootleg: “The Phalanx” from Trivium!

After showing off their new base camp, a fully equipped hanger with practice space, streaming stations and a studio that they plan on using to write and record their next album earlier this week, Trivium have shared the live premier of new song “The Phalanx“. It was recorded in Orlando Florida on 14th October as

Review: “The Curse” by Snakeblade

Initially a one man Black Metal project with Power Metal leanings from Vancouver Canada masterminded by multi instrumentalist Mike Redston when last years debut album “The Kingdom” inspired by the fantasy of Lord of the Rings, The Witcher, Metal Gear Solid and Dungeons and Dragons surfaced, Snakeblade has begun an evolution into the realms of Blackened Thrash with

Review: “In The Court Of The Dragon” by Trivium

It seems surreal to be talking about the tenth studio record from Orlando Florida Metallers Trivium just a matter of weeks after songs from their nineth studio record “What The Dead Men Say” have recorded their live debut, such is the madness that the World has seen over the past two years. The album marks

NEWS: Trivium return to “Shogun” for “The Phalanx”!

Ahead of next weekends 10th studio album drop from Trivium the band have shared a third single in “The Phalanx” and following the title track “In The Court Of The Dragon” and “Feast Of Fire” it sounds like the band could well be about to drop another stone cold classic. Curiously this one was a demo