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NEWS: Trivium take “What The Dead Men Say” acoustic!

What looks to be the final of the Trivium acoustic EPs from Matt Heafy has surfaced with him taking on five cuts from the bands current Roadrunner Records release “What The Dead Men Say” including single “Catastrophist“. If only it was 1994 and MTV Unplugged was still a thing, they might have got a fully fledged

Review: “In Absence” by Cathartic Demise

Embellished with cover art by Ioannis Vassilopoulas, the debut full length album from Kitchener, Ontario Progressive Thrash Metal quartet Cathartic Demise is the culmination of five years of working on their craft. Formed in 2017 by high school friends Angus Pike (drums) and Bennett Smith (guitar, vocals) who were joined by bassist Aaron Tanner and

NEWS: Trivium take “The Sin And The Sentence” acoustic!

Matt K Heafy has reached “The Sin And The Sentence” as his Trivium acoustic EP series approaches a it’s dramatic conclusion and with it comes a tribute to Peter Steele and Type O Negative with a rendition of “I Don’t Wanna Be Me“. So with one album in their current one “What The Dead Men

NEWS: Trivium unveil “Silence In The Snow” acoustic EP!

As Trivium guitarist and vocalist Matt Heafy continues to produce album based acoustic EPs re-imagining the bands rich and fertile Nile delta soil of a back catalogue the question remains as to when we’ll be able to get our greesy paws on a vinyl collection or even just have the tracks on popular streaming services.

Bootleg: Trivium in London!

At the Hammersmith Apollo in London in 2008 on the “Shogun” tour is where Trivium were, complete with long hair and an Iron Maiden cover too boot, pro-shot and in full from the bands personal archive. Also in the set are personal favourites “Like Light To Flies” and “Pillars of Serpents” with the bands 2021

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Wellerman.

TikTok being a trending social media platform during the Great Plague lead to the return of the sea shanty “Soon May the Wellerman Come“, otherwise simply known as “Wellerman” thanks to The Longest Johns and Nathan Evans. The song itself originates as far back as 1860, a well known whaling song originating in New Zealand

NEWS: Trivium share “In Waves” acoustic EP!

The fourth in a series of acoustic EPs from Trivium sees them return to their fifth studio record in 2011’s “In Waves“, our personal favourite of their records, which was produced by Colin Richardson and Martyn “Ginge” Ford. As previously half the record gets the makeover treatment from Matt Heafy and once again we put it out

Bootleg: Trivium in Allentown!

Lucky thirteen? That’s how many tracks there are on the latest drop from Trivium vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy’s personal stash of bootlegs. This one is Soundboard Audio of a full show in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 2009 which was the era of “Shogun“, the bands final album to feature drummer Travis Smith. On the World

NEWS: Trivium share “Shogun” acoustic EP!

If last week’s “The Crusade” acoustic EP was a short and sweet one, Trivium guitarist and vocalist Matt Heafy goes from four to six tracks with nearly 35 minutes of acoustic renditions from “Shogun” in his latest offering. The last album to feature drummer Travis Smith saw four singles, all of which are included in