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Riff Police! Pull Over! #70: 3 Inches Of Blood Vs Judas Priest

Canadian Metallers 3 Inches of Blood had a 16 year career that came grinding to a halt in 2015 but was not without controversy. Drummer Alexei Rodriguez was fired in 2007 after a starting a fight at Hard Rock Hell Festival with Saxon dummer Nigel Glockler. He ended up with a black eye and broken

Review: “XXV” EP by Solitary

Hitting a milestone anniversary is always a call for celebration, the question is simply “how?”. In the case of 80’s Thrashers Solitary, who are also rejoined after an 18 year gap by original bassist Gaz Harrop, they signed up for Bloodstock. While working on a new album for 2020, vocalist/guitarist Rich Sherrington, lead guitarist Andy

The Artwork That Should Not Be #8: Self-titled from Wolf!

Fusing Power and Speed Metal subgenres and hailing from Orebro, Sweden are Wolf. Touring the globe since 1995 with everyone from Saxon to Trivium, their self-titled album dropped in April 1999 via Prosthestic Records after a trio of demos and a pair of singles. It was an all Swedish affair, recordedĀ and mixed at The Abyss