The Artwork That Should Not Be #5: Megadeth Vs Cro-Mags!

Today we’re going to look at an artwork rip-off that’s as blatant as they come. Cro-Mags iconic hardcore punk album “The Age of Quarrel” is a highly influential masterpiece that practically invented the Crossover Thrash sound and is arguably one of the albums that eventually caused the upsurge in Metallic Hardcore bands. To talk of the influence of the 1986 release, the video for “We Gotta Know” was sighted by Earth Crisis frontman Karl Buechner as the one that gave him the love for Hardcore Punk and he called the album “the greatest hardcore album of all time” a decade after its release. “Life of My Own” was sighted by Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta as the song that inspired him to become a musician and called the album “the most crucial in hardcore history”. In 1995 Machine Head covered “Hard Times” with Biohazard‘s Bobby Hambel at The Dynamo Festival in Holland. In 2009, Springfield Massachusetts Metalcore band Shadows Fall covered the album title track for their album “Retribution”. Fast forward to 2005, some 19 years after it’s release and Megadeth put out an Greatest Hits album entitled “Back To The Start” which blatantly rips off the artwork of the artwork of Cro-Mags work. Take it back and do it again! Who wants a greatest hits album anyway?!

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