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Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins! FIGHT! Earth Crisis #2!

The importance of Syracuse New York Hardcore Punks Earth Crisis should not be underestimated in the context of the current generation of bands out there on Planet Metal. Since 1989, over their journey of six studio records they have developed a sound which is considered a crucial developer and influence for both the Metalcore genre

Review: “2020 Flex” by Speed

Formed in 2019 in Sydney Australia, Speed are a Hardcore band marking their debut in the US via Flatspot Records and making it a point to stand up not only against racism and xenophobia but also the toxic masculinity and gender prejudices that have crept their way into hardcore by having at their core the 

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Earth Crisis!

Originally formed in Syracuse New York in 1989 and having a six year hiatus between 2001 and 2007, American Hardcore Punks Earth Crisis are widely considered one of the crucial influences for both the Metalcore genre and vegan straight edge movement. Known for their social awareness and for addressing political issues as much as their

Review: “Defying Extinction” EP by The Great Lie

Back for round #3 and recording with legend Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Unsane), Long Island New York Hardcore Punks The Great Lie simply don’t know when to quit. A band comprised of scene veterans who you might think didn’t have much left to say but who instead have a raw intensity and punk energy second to

Review: “No Eden” EP by Constrict

The term “super-group” is thrown around a lot to describe bands comprised of musicians that you know and love when it comes to Metal. Formed in 2017 in Los Angeles California, a Metallic Hardcore group comprised of members from Vamachara, Forced Order, God’s Hate, Disgrace, Downpresser, Momentum, Forced Order,Twitching Tongues (among others) going by the

Throwback: “Firestorm” by Earth Crisis!

Recorded between 14th and 16th June 1993 but only surfacing via Victory Records on 1st June 1995, “Firestorm” is a four track EP from the legendary Hardcore act Earth Crisis, arguably one of the forefathers of the current Metallic Hardcore scene. The EPs title track is a live staple 27 years after its recording and

Bootleg: Earth Crisis in Pennsylvania!

Is it too far to go say that bands like Earth Crisis were the forefathers of the current Metallic Hardcore scene spearheaded by the likes of Knocked Loose? We don’t think so. Here’s a full Pro-Shot set filmed at Reverb in Reading Pennsylvania on 21st December 2019 to remind you what they’re all about!

Bootleg: Sect in New York!

SECT who feature in their ranks memebers of Fall Out Boy, Earth Crisis, ex-Cursed and  surprise released their new Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou produced album “Blood Of The Beasts” on 30th August via Southern Lord were filmed by Maximum Volume Silence at the Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn New York on 31st August in full technicolor glory!

Bootleg: Earth Crisis in Philadelphia!

From one legend to another here’s a Pro-Shot full set from Earth Crisis at The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on 5th May. One of the key developers of the Metalcore sound as well as being strictly vegan straight edge, they don’t come more legendary that this.

Throwback: “Nobody Takes Pictures of the Drummer” by Nora!

New Jersey Melodic Hardcore and perhaps one of the founders of the Metalcore sound crew Nora are actually best known for being the band of Good Fight Music label owner Carl Severson. Originally starting his own label Ferret Music having gone to high school with Trustkill owner and president Josh Grabelle, Severson sold up to