Bootleg: Earth Crisis in Holland!

A full pro-shot set from the highly influential New York Hardcore Punks Earth Crisis at The Sound of Revolution Festival in Klokgebouw, Eindhoven Netherlands in 2018 courtesy of Nick Tronckoe Media? Sounds like just the Gordon’s* for a Global Pandemic. What we really want is for them to re-release their quartet of EPs including the iconic “Firestorm” as a limited edition vinyl pressing, raising big money for good causes.

*Gordon’s Gin. And Tonic. With a splice of Lemon on ice. In a pint glass. It’s a joke. It ain’t funny if we have to explain it. Come on. You knew this. No. This is in no way sponsored or product placement. If they want to give us a bottle as a “thank you” then it would be gratefully received. Yes. We know Earth Crisis are Straight Edge. That’s also part of the joke.

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