Exclusive Interview: Vanitas look back at the past year #2!

2023 was an incredible year for Cinematic DJent pioneers Vanitas for so many reasons, from four very well received waterfall released singles to sharing some larger stages and a run to the Metal 2 The Masses final for a chance to play Bloodstock. The second part of a creature double feature of interviews with them finds us looking not only back at their successes but also forward to what the future may hold…

What did you like about the original version of “I’m Here” from the Sonic Frontiers soundtrack that made you choose to cover it?

Mitch: “So, I am an insanely massive sonic fan. Before they announced the game, they dropped I’m Here up until the end of its first chorus, and it was just love at first sight for me – the real kicker was having several people message me saying that if sounded like something I’d write. Past that, it kinda become a match made in heaven cover for me! I think it turned out really well, and to cover boss battle music when that style of music is part of our sonic (not pun intended) landscape anyway, it just had to be done!”

We always say that even in the digital age, the first bite is with the eye and it has to be said the artwork you have chosen for your material is impressive! How did you go about choosing it and what do you feel it says about the band?

Jade: “We wanted to go into each single release with a clear theme visually and that’s what helped us decide on our artwork. For example we took the idea of a theme of a moon and flower from the name of “between lune and eden” and liked the idea of “white and gold” as a colour scheme to fit with the love/fantasy theme and ran with that really!”

What are your aspirations? Where do you see yourselves in the next five years? Touring Europe? Appearing on the cover of Metal Hammer Magazine? Releasing a signature guitar model with someone like Carillion or simply to be full time musicians?

Jade: “Such a big question! It’s definitely a long term goal of mine to do this full time, that would be the dream. I would absolutely love to tour the UK and Europe in the next 5 years, playing some of my favourite festivals like Radar fest and Bloodstock would be a dream too!

Mitch: “I’d love to play radar or bloodstock. A personal goal of mine is either playing in Gothemberg Sweden (I’m a huge melodeath fan, and that’s basically where that whole style started) or to play in Tokyo, as a lot of my musical influences also come from there! Oh, and an artist guitar from GOC one day wouldn’t hurt…”

Elijah: “A UK/Europe would definitely be a big goal for us moving forward, Radar again is another one up there for me as a lot of my musical influences have played there and it would be awesome to be on the same stage as them. I think doing this full time would honestly be a dream come true!”

Jackson: “I’d love to play some bigger festivals like Bloodstock and Download, as well as some of the European fests like MetalDays and Wacken, would be amazing to branch outside of the UK”

What’s next for Vanitas?

Jade: “Not to give too much away but we’re going darker in 2024”

Mitch: “Darker, heavier, more cinematic. We’ve done the uplifting anti hero stuff, how about some big bad villainous vibes now?”

Elijah: “To reiterate what the rest of the guys have said without giving too much away, expect some dark fantasy-esq vibes moving forward!”

Jackson: “We’re going to be getting heavier and moodier in 2024, think Secrets but stankier.”

If you like what you hear from Vanitas you can check them out over at bandcamp.


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