The Black Map #277: A Night In The Abyss (Summer Bash 666 Hell In Hawaii Edition)!

Why should you drag your carcass down to The Facebar in Reading on Saturday 13th July? Aside from the fact that fresh air is good for you and alcoholic beverages are on offer, 10 bands will take to the stage as the sixth incarnation of the Hawaiian Beach Party that is Summer Bash takes place. Hosted by Progressive Death Metal Kings Mercury’s Well you can expect fun and frolics with inflatables, flower necklaces and Hawaiian shirts as well as Mosh pit action and not a glass of Snoop Dogg wine in sight. Here’s line up in full:

Wallowing (headliner)
A Night In The Abyss
Mercury’s Well
Them Bloody Kids
El Chapo
Chaos Theory

So who are A Night At The Abyss? They’re creators of macabre melodies from miserable England who have been travelling the left hand path since 2011. Committing high treason in Symphonic Technical Deathcore with cinematic textures wrapped around riffs that crush like a Boa Constrictor, they float down the river of blood to Hell with tales of ancient horror, murder as well as anti-religious retoric. Their 2016 album “Necropolis” is a masterclass, so much so that She Must Burn came calling and now lead guitarist Jack Higgs is a riff lord in both bands. Since then 2021 EP “Begotten” confirmed their status as Kings of the Underworld with the title track clocking up more than 106k of streams between Spotify and YouTube alone. They might not have the pyrotechnics at The Facebar but they will definitely bring the heat!

We are a proud Media Partner of Summer Bash for the second year in a row! Fancy a ticket? Get them here.

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