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Review: “Begotten” by A Night In The Abyss

Established in 2013, Blackened Deathcore collective A Night In The Abyss have been casting a dark shadow over Brighton creating what they like to call “macabre melodies from miserable England“. Those songs have been good to them and the success of 2016 album “Necropolis” is there for all to see, a collective 130k Spotify streams

NEWS: The Sons of Self Affliction spent A Night In The Abyss!

“Oh, great. Valium. Not only will we be able to go to sleep, if we get attacked in the middle of the night, we won’t even care” ~ Jim, 28 Days Later Fortunately you won’t have to wait 28 days after the release of “Son Of Self Affliction” for “Begotten“, the new EP from Brighton

NEWS: Nightmares on Elm Street with Be//Gotten!

After sharing a stage with Attila in September, Dallas Texas Experimental Goth Metal crossover quintet Be//Gotten have been unveiled as the latest signings to the Stay Sick Recordings roster. In signing they have dropped a music video for a freshly remixed and remastered version of “Elm Street”. That work was done by JoJo Centineo and