The Black Map #112: October Ends from Newcastle!

Continuing our journey North from Warrington to Newcastle and give a mention to five piece Metalcore act October Ends. Back in 2017 they came to our attention with their EP “A New Path” and having been quietly plugging away at completing their debut full length “Zodiac” during 2019, we had expected them to go big with the the sing-a-long choruses and Nu-Metal tinges that bring something of the mid-career Bring Me The Horizon to the plate. They’re known for their love of Linkin Park and that shines through on their tracks in the way they use electronics and with singles “Lost“, “Lucid Dreams” and “Devil’s Den” surpassing 2.6 million streams on Spotify, clearly they are much loved. The issue has of course been the lockdown, which has meant that they have only been able to stream a collection of singles from the as yet undated album but it hasn’t stopped Michael, Sixn, John, Nick and Arva from proudly using Ibanez Guitars, Kemper Amplification, Peavey Amplification, Mapex Drums, Sabian Cymbals and more in hammering out a jam or two.

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