The Black Map #6 Iron Monkey from Nottingham!

15 years after the death of original frontman Johnny Morrow in 2002, Nottingham’s legendary sludge metallers Iron Monkey returned to the fray in 2017 as a trio. Orignally formed in 1994 from members of other bands as a side project, the band recorded and released a self titled EP at saw re-issue via Earache Records in 1997. It was the bands Andy Sneap produced debut album “Our Problem” that raised the bar and received critical acclaim. The band then prompty split in 1999 but the fans hoped for a swift reunion. Frontman Morrow formed a new band, Murder One and then sadly died after a lengthy battle with a Kidney condition.

Iron Monkey had come around sounding like Eyehategod, a fusion of hardcore punk and Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus and Black Flag. Morrow’s vocal power and riddlesome lyrics were perfectly counter balanced by the bands raw guitar sound and DIY attitude. A burning rage smouldering within the band gave them the drive to write powerful material.

Fast forward to 2017 and signing to Relapse Records, Iron Monkey returned as a trio with a brand new album entitled “9-13” Comprised of original guitarist Jim Risby now also assuming frontman status, guitarist Steve Watson switching to bass and new drummer Steven Mellor (ex-Widows). Not only is it a quality album, it’s a fitting tribute to the fallen Morrow.

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