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Throwback: “Scars Of The Crucifix” by Deicide!

If you believe The Guardian, Deicide (named so after the act of killing a God or Deity) had their cut “F*** Your God” used heavily as a torture method for detainees in Iraq by being piped into their bunks to induce sleep deprivation after it appeared on the Florida Death Metallers 2004 album “Scars of

Riff Police! Pull Over! #57: Decapitated Vs Gojiria!

“Nihility”, the second album from Polish Technical Death Metallers Decapitated dropped back in 2002 with one of its highlights being single “Spheres of Madness”, although those lucky enough to be in Germany had the opportunity to pick up a digipack version with a cover of “Suffer the Children” by Napalm Death gracing it. Blending the

NEWS: Huggard Cat tour in June!

As Metal Hammer Magazine readers will know, 50% of London’s infamously destructive and volatile underground hardcore band Heck have re-surfaced in a new band. Haggard Cat features Drummer Tom Marsh and vocalist and guitarist Matt Reynolds and will be touring the UK for the first time with support from Patrons in June. Huggard Cat’s debut

The Black Map #6 Iron Monkey from Nottingham!

15 years after the death of original frontman Johnny Morrow in 2002, Nottingham’s legendary sludge metallers Iron Monkey returned to the fray in 2017 as a trio. Orignally formed in 1994 from members of other bands as a side project, the band recorded and released a self titled EP at saw re-issue via Earache Records