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Bootleg: “Bury Me Under” from October Ends!

Another one cut from their set at KnotFest.com’s Pulse of the Maggots Fest sees Newcastle Nu-Metal crew October Ends joined by session musicians Kyle Hughes (drums) and Adam Bulpitt (guitars) for “Bury Me Under” from their recently released album “Zodiac“. The festival saw them joined by Hacktivist who used the opportunity to drop new single

Bootleg: “Rogues” from October Ends!

Filmed at Old Church Studios for the Knotfest.com Pulse Of The Maggots festival stream, October Ends have shared their live rendition of “Rogues” with a couple of session musicians joining them. The track is taken from their long in the works record “Zodiac“, which is out now in all the finest of establishments.

Playthrough: “Bury Me Under” from October Ends!

As their new album “Zodiac” will (finally) see the light of day on 30th October, guitarist Michael Charlton has been tasked with recording a playthrough video for “Bury Me Under”  for his band October Ends 1o days after the music video arrived and it seems that seven strings are enough to re-create their unruly sound.

NEWS: October Ends get buried?!

Newcastle upon Tyne Nu-Metalcore act October Ends are looking and sounding increasingly American in 2020 with this freshly squeezed Orange Juice video for “Bury Me Under” having now officially announced that their album “Zodiac” is set for 30th October. Recorded during 2019, they’ve already released a wealth of singles from it and will no doubt

The Black Map #112: October Ends from Newcastle!

Continuing our journey North from Warrington to Newcastle and give a mention to five piece Metalcore act October Ends. Back in 2017 they came to our attention with their EP “A New Path” and having been quietly plugging away at completing their debut full length “Zodiac” during 2019, we had expected them to go big

NEWS: October Ends play Assassin’s Creed?

Still not having confirmed the date they have pencilled in for their upcoming and seemingly complete album “Zodiac“, Newcastle Metalcore quintet October Ends have instead unveiled another installment from it. Following April single “Iridescent” they’ve now dropped “Rogues” while continuing to include Japanese themed artwork on everything they put out…

NEWS: October Ends announce “Zodiac”!

As promised via social media earlier this week, Newcastle Metalcore residents October Ends have passed a music video for a brand new single called “Iridescent” to Dreambound for streaming. The unexpected news is that the track features on an album by the name of “Zodiac“, their as yet release date to be confirmed debut full

NEWS: Linkin Park cover from October Ends!

While preparing for their debut full album “Zodiac” which is pencilled in for a TBC date in 2019, Newcastle upon Tyne Metalcore quartet October Ends have released a cover of “From The Inside” by Linkin Park. Is it in a Punk Goes Pop style? Maybe. It is a fitting tribute to the late Chester Bennington.