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Review: “Galois Paradox” by Fragment Soul

Recorded at Lychnia Tube Studio in Greece, mixed by Linus Corneliusson (Fates Warning, Haken, Amorphis) and mastered by Tony Lindgren (Dark Tranquillity, Enslaved, Between The Buried And Me) Fascination Street Studios in Sweden, “Galois Paradox” represents an ambitious undertaking in Progressive Doom Metal by Fragment Soul. A concept record that delves into the enigma of existence

Review: “Fátum” by Damnation

Led by ex-Thy Catafalque guitarist János Juhász and featuring in their ranks musicians known for their work in Needless, Gort and Morbid Carnage to name but a few, Hungarian Death Metal act Damnation have been a growing concern since their inception in 2020. It would be another year before they announced themselves to an unsuspecting World with

Review: “The Tragedy of Being Human” by Hilltops Are For Dreamers

The past six years have been quite the journey for Hilltops Are For Dreamers. Hailing from London but with Greek roots, mastermind and multi instrumentalist Vasilis Papageorgakopoulos has been the bands beating heart since their 2018 inception. His ambition for the project has seen him joined by a revolving door of musicians during the exploration

Review: “The Traitor” by Nulled

Emerging from the Spanish Metalcore scene in 2018, Nulled have long been on a mission to put the Basque region back on the map when it comes to heavier sounds. Powerful riffs and rich melodies are their stock in trade as they wear their influences on their collective sleeves with pride. Their debut EP “Pointer

Review: “ETNA” by Volucrine

Longing, Sorrow, Life, Love, Death. These are the themes that are at the black heart of the stories told by Jupe Velin, inspired by his upbringing by the cold Kymijoki river in the shadows of Kouvola’s concrete structures. In 2009 he founded a Melodic Death Metal act simply named “V” (we assumed as in “Five”

Review: “Shadow” by Secrets of Mariana

Eight long years after their sophomore EP “No Escape” surfaced in July 2016, the return of Midlands Metallers Secrets of Mariana is one that we feared would never happen. However the band themselves had other ideas and refusing to give up the dream they released single “Cut & Run” in Friday 13th October 2023. That

Review: “Tides Of Decay” by Garden Of Stone

Hailing from Tampere Finland, Garden Of Stone are a band without that many miles on the clock having formed in 2023. The brainchild of guitarist duo Jere Mäntysalo and Ville Penkari, who had the vision to commit treason by combining Melodic Death Metal with Scandinavian Melancholic Dark Metal, their proposal being to create music with brooding

Review: “Decay” by Debt Collector

Sometimes it’s all about being at the right place at the right time and back in November the first of a prize pair of singles were dropped by Sydney Nu-Deathcore operatives Debt Collector were placed firmly on our radar as ones to watch. The four piece are so fresh that they only made their live

Review: “Wastelands” by Stellar Remains

The promise of powerful, intricate and diverse Death Metal with some furious bone crushing rhythms has brought all the boys to the yard like Kelis did with “Milkshake” and on paper, before even a note has been heard, “Wastelands” has us intrigued. It’s the debut record from Stellar Remains, the solo project of Brisbane Australia