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Review: “It Lives” by Blight Town

A sweet sixteen celebration is in order for the residents of Blight Town and the Nottingham Progressive Post-Hardcore quintet continue their ascension to nirvana with the release of their sophomore EP “It Lives“. As with their self titled debut they have returned to the tried, tested and proven in Myroslav Borys (Last Hounds, Confessions Of

Review: “In Darkness Alone” by Scars of the Flesh

Some two years in the waiting, the third studio album from San Antonio Texas Melodic Blackened Death Metal scribes Scars Of The Flesh finds them once again armed for the apocalypse but this time with some new weapons of mass destruction. Originally formed in 2014 by guitarists Bryan Eckermann (Solo Artist, ex-Wings of Abaddon) and

Review: “Descendant” by A Titan A Deity

After their performance at Tech-Fest earlier this summer the sophomore EP from A Titan A Deity took on a whole new meaning, leaping from something of interest into the highly anticipated category, such is the strength of the bands live performances. The quintet have been ploughing a furrow in the UK Underground Metal scene since

Review: “Riptide” by Crest

If you ever needed proof of Darwinism you only need look at the evolution of Turku, Finland’s Crest, the Worlds first Hawaiicore band. They started from humble beginnings in 2015 and unveiled a debut EP in “Backbone” in 2016 as a Metalcore act before taking a new approach with new vocalist Mano Mannila in 2019

Review: “Reconstruction” by Xeno

Having undergone something of a style shift over the past six years, Dutch Progressive Metal act Xeno have returned to their 2016 debut album “Atlas Construct” to rewrite a trio of cuts in what they now consider to be their sound as a tribute to their past. An interesting turn of events then, given the

Review: “Perpetuate” by Roll Call

Envisioned by guitarist Brian Kemsely (Outbreak, Gravemaker) as a New York City based Hardcore band taking that classic NYHC sound but adding a touch of West Coast skatepunk flare, Roll Call reached critical mass in November of 2021 with the addition of drummer James Phillips (Seahaven, Final Fight). Soon after, Chad Leddy (Perfect World) was

Review: “The Pecking Order” by Hedra

A trail of crumbs in the form of five well received stand alone singles over the past three years has led us through the forest on the darkest of winter nights, to a witches cottage, a debut EP titled “The Pecking Order” from Norwich quintet Hedra. A going concern since 2014 centred around the writing

Review: “Rituals of Death” by Casket Robbery

Emerging from the apocalyptic wasteland of the Midwest, Casket Robbery are a female fronted Death Metal machine who love nothing more than to infuse intensity and groove with horror and occult themes. Recorded at Unintended Studios & Old Dark House Studios 2020-2021, their sophomore album “Rituals Of Death” was then mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson

Review: “Radillac” by Skin Failure

Officially formed in 2021 after many years of riff gathering, Skin Failure are a quintet, made up of members of Black Peaks, Memory of Elephants and Kainoah who have found a new life in an ambitious Progressive Thrash project that knows no borders or boundaries when it comes to style or substance. Having made their

Review: “Carnage Funeral” by Bonecarver

Formed from the ashes of Cannibal Grandpa, Death Metal extremists Bonecarver have been at the forefront of the scene in there native Madrid Spain since 2014. Known for putting their own sting in the tales of stories about infamous serial killers and combining that with their own take on Brutal Death Metal that crossed the