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Review: “Saint” EP by Dealer

Since March 2019 and the arrival of their debut 6 track EP “Soul Burn“, Melbourne Australia based super group Dealer have been turning a lot of heads with their abrasive take on Gloom Metal with a pinch of Deathcore and some Nu-Metal bounce in the mix. The project has a line up that consists of

Review: “Possession Done” by Funeral Cult

Funeral Cult are a band with a wealth of history. Originally formed in 1993 by two friends Przemysław Pawlak (vocals) and Piotr Wilk (guitar) who were joined by Karol Arkuszewski (drums). They wanted to play severe and slow music which brings aura of sorrow, melancholy and dark. Lyrics were focused on slavic people, their gods and

Review: “Become The Hunter” by Suicide Silence

Riverside Californian Deathcore titans Suicide Silence have been busy since their 2017 self titled album. A record that divided fans with its KoRn and Deftones inspirations produced by Ross Robinson, it saw vinyl copies ritualistically burned and left guitarists Chris Garza and Mark Heylmun, drummer Alex Lopez, bassist Dan Kenny and vocalist Hernan “Eddie” Hermida

Review: “Vicious Existence” EP by Choice To Make

Formed in 2018 and comprising of members of One Step Closer, Worn, and Strength for a Reason, who have all risen out of the Pennsylvanian Hardcore scene that brought you Jesus Piece, quintet Choice To Make have a reputation for creating a formidably fierce and energetic sound that delivers swift and potent blasts of raw

Review: “To Disappear and to be Nothing” by Witnesses

Their sixth studio offering but considered by the band themselves as their first foray into Doom Metal, New York residents Matt Kozar (Guitar), Suvo Sur (Violin), Greg Schwan (Bass, Keys, Guitar, Lyrics & Arrangements), Kody Ternes (Vocals) and Mark Zonder (Drums) form Witnesses. “To Disappear and to be Nothing” is credited as having Guitars recorded

Review: “Cycle Of Suffering” by Sylosis

There were some who doubted the return of Sylosis would ever happen with frontman and guitarist Josh Middleton now firmly in Architects following the tragic passing of Tom Searle. It’s been five years since their last album “Dormant Heart” and in truth the bands World turned upside down when they showed the now former Heart

Review: “Simulation” by Dirty Casuals

A Sludge Doom Metal quartet residing in  Cork City Ireland and emerging in late 2015, “Simulation” is the September 2019 Rebel Recordings follow up the 2018’s “Light And Dark Matter” EP from Dirty Casuals. A myriad of shows (including Weddings!) has helped establish Liam Whitnell, Samvel “Sammy” Hovhannisyan, Jim Spillane and Rory Taylor as regulars

Review: “Chrysalis” by Alogon

The Koine Greek word ἄλογον (álogon, meaning inexplicable, irrational), is where Genova, Italian Progressive Metallers Andrea Olivieri (Vocals), Jack Repetti (Bass & Synthesizer), Damiano Logozzo (Guitar) and Francesco Schenone (Drums) found the name for their band. Citing influences in the likes of TesseracT, Devin Townsend and Monuments, the quartet have been writing music together since 2016, releasing

Review: “Power Through Terror” by Great American Ghost

Boston Metallic Hardcore band Great American Ghost have been on the steady rise over the last few years with  2017’s sophomore album “Hatred Stems From The Seed” opened doors and took them to places that vocalist Ethan Harrison, guitarist Niko Gasparrini, bassist Joey Perron and drummer Davier Perez – never thought possible. As if selected dates of