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Bootleg: “Sacred Horse” from Enslaved!

Norwegian Extreme Metallers Enslaved have troubled label Nuclear Blast to unveil a third track from their upcoming 25th June live album and DVD bundle “Chronicles of the Northbound (Cinematic Tour 2020)“. The choice has been “Sacred Horse“, filmed at The Rise of the Ymir online festival as the band fly through a career spanning set

Bootleg: “Fenris” from Enslaved!

After the appearance of “The Crossing“, Norwegian Extreme Metallers Enslaved have chosen the Black Metal hearted “Fenris” as the second teaser from their upcoming live album and DVD called “Cinematic Tour in 2020”. The set is comprised of entirely fan voted for favourites from across their almost thirty year career. They will return to the

NEWS: Enslaved begin “The Crossing”!

Approaching their 30th Anniversary, Enslaved have announced an upcoming live album and DVD called  “Cinematic Tour in 2020” and in doing so they have shared “The Crossing” cut from last year’s “Below The Lights” live stream.  Pre-orders are available here. The news comes after the Norwegian Extreme Metallers set February 2022 for a European headlining

Review: “Varþnaþer” by Åskog

Eight months ago, back in October, a three track demo, the first release from a newly formed Black Metal duo residing in Vänersborg, Sweden landed on our desk as they were shopping for labels and looking to give us a glimpse of what their barren World would look like when they finished the full length

NEWS: Enslaved & High On Fire co-headlining in October!

It might seem like a slightly odd combination but with their 14th studio album “E” doing well via Nuclear Blast, Norwegian veterans Enslaved will be joined by High On Fire for a co-headlining European run later this year. At least one other band is anticipated joining the trek in October which has the following UK

Playlist: A Tribute to Faith No More

You get bands… and then you get bands. Faith No More have long been one of those bands. For each of the songs on this playlist there were many choices, Hellaween and Five Finger Death Punch have both done decent versions of “From Out Of Nowhere” for example, to name just one and Machine Head