NEWS: Drakon announce “High Tales” of impending doom!

Russian black metal duo Drakon have announced a new EP with a music video for one called “Providence of Russian Blood”. Titled “High Tales” the new record comprises five new cuts two of which are cover versions of classics from Unanimated and Enslaved. Mixed and mastered by Theodor Borovski (Alkonost, Dissector) and adorned by cover artwork from Alexander Tartsus (Balfor, Depravity, Sinister) the record will appear via Sleaszy Rider on 7th April. Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

Band commentary about the album: “Our new mini-work is lyrically a concept, and even covers for two different Scandinavian bands, seemingly thematically distant from each other, are successfully woven into this common eschatological outline of the entire material. Through reflections on the place of our people in the universe, our fate and role, skaldically-like we tell in new songs, linking them with a common meaning, a parable-warning about the impending end of the world, Ragnarok, the destruction of all life, while saying that this is the purpose of all our human race and irreversible inevitability. Only we must fight and die proudly, with honor, like gods and real warriors. Or maybe survive at the cost of a lot, in order to be cleansed of the dirt of the outgoing circle of time and become stronger, wiser and brighter”

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