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NEWS: Meltdown grind that axe for a long time?

How time flies when you’re having fun? Some three years after Norwegian Metal Heads Meltdown released a music video for “Walls Down” from their crusher of an album “Deadringer“, they have returned with another. Joined by Marius Bremseth Vanebo of Progressive Melodic Death Metal quintet Axe Toss, they have premiered “My Domain” as they explain…

NEWS: Drakon announce “High Tales” of impending doom!

Russian black metal duo Drakon have announced a new EP with a music video for one called “Providence of Russian Blood”. Titled “High Tales” the new record comprises five new cuts two of which are cover versions of classics from Unanimated and Enslaved. Mixed and mastered by Theodor Borovski (Alkonost, Dissector) and adorned by cover artwork from

NEWS: Throw The Fight hide the evidence?

“Inject the poison, repeat after me, From now on, you will do what we say, Don’t fight back, we don’t like that, Out come the wolves, Prisoners out in the street strike back, All played for fools, Society is on my side, Make way for the victim”

NEWS: Draemora utter their last words?

Escaping the Death Rectangle, Seattle Washington Progressive Metalcore outfit Draemora have premiered a new single titled “Last Words“, their second of the year following “Into The Grave” and one which ironically enough just so happens to have arrived 10 days short of the first anniversary of 2022 single “Suffer“. The waterfall continues to bear fruit

NEWS: Throw The Fight. Atena. Elwood Stray. May!

Starting at the end of April, Throw The Fight, Atena and Elwood Stray will join forces for a run of shows that will take them from Copenhagen Denmark to London England in fifteen steps, the last three of which will be upon our shores. By way of revision 2012 album “What Doesn’t Kill Us” remains

Bootleg: “Reckoning” from Draemora!

Taking Go Pro cameras and microphones into their rehearsal at Unerbeatz Studios Draemora have shared what could be the first of several session recordings in “Reckoning“. Escaping the “Death Rectangle” it’s a cut from the Seattle Metalcore merchants previous record “Awakening” which they will be celebrating the second anniversary of in June, although curiously enough

Bootleg: “Who’s To Blame” from Sacred Reich!

After an 18 year break the return of American Thrash lords Sacred Reich with “Awakening” via Metal Blade Records in 2019 with former Machine Head drummer Dave McClain in the fold was something we never thought possible. They’ll be upon our shores in November with Sepultura and Crowbar and are currently warming up for that

NEWS: Draemora remain Victorious?

Following the trend of returning to pre-released audio streams for full blown music videos are Seattle Progressive Metalcore outfit Draemora. “Victorious” is the cut in question which rounds off the bands new album “Death Rectangle” in some style, having been written in a single evening after guitarist Terry Paulson got a new 7 string and

Review: “Death Rectangle” by Draemora

Having released their debut EP “Awakening” a year ago and being unable to tour, Seattle Washington Progressive Death Metal quartet Draemora made the decision to remain in the studio and to continue to work on new material. The result of that time spent is a new full length album entitled “Death Rectangle“; with a line up

NEWS: Draemora premier “Death Rectangle”!

Officially announced as main support for the summer tour dates for the upcoming (hed)p.e. EP “Sandmine“, Seattle’s Draemora have unveiled a second single and the title track from their upcoming debut album “Death Rectangle“. The record will drop on 18th June with the tour kicking off a month later, with the band also set to