NEWS: Draemora remain Victorious?

Following the trend of returning to pre-released audio streams for full blown music videos are Seattle Progressive Metalcore outfit Draemora. “Victorious” is the cut in question which rounds off the bands new album “Death Rectangle” in some style, having been written in a single evening after guitarist Terry Paulson got a new 7 string and dialled in Drop G.


The band comment: “We were going to actually separate it from the album and let it be a song on its own, but at the last minute, we decided it was the perfect way to end the album because it has that great classic formula in there with a twist to the parts that really puts our stamp on it in a great way. We want people to enjoy it live, so we made big choruses and really big recognizable parts. Lyrically with Death Rectangle we wanted to make songs that anyone could very easily imprint their own life into. These songs all have deep meaning to us, but we stayed away from using any specific references so that the listener could make it whatever their imagination wants it to be. We think that is the best way to make a song. Musically, this collection of songs is mostly dark and heavy sounding. It wasn’t intentional, but when this was written we were all locked up and lost our jobs, and had to watch the world riot and go nuts so we’re not surprised it sounds that way.”

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