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Review: “The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood” by Ice Nine Kills

After the huge success of “The Silver Scream” in which self confessed Horror film lovers Ice Nine Kills payed homage to their favourite titles in the genre with 13 cuts of horror themed theatricore, including “The American Nightmare” (A Nightmare on Elm Street), “Thank God It’s Friday” (Friday the 13th) and “Stabbing in the Dark”

NEWS: Ice Nine Kills in court for “Assault & Batteries”!

Horror movie inspired Theatricore merchants Ice Nine Kills have premiered another high budget, high production value official music video, this time for “Assault & Batteries” which is inspired by the 1988 Tom Holland directed American Horror story that is “Childs Play“. It marks the second single behind “Hop To Be Scared” the upcoming album, “The

Exclusive Interview: Weaponry talk writing and recording!

Reading based Deftones inspired quintet Weaponry have been smashing out the singles in the absence of being able to play any shows with the re-recording of “Moving To Andromeda” alongside “Something I Lack” and now “Blindly Follow Us” as songs we’ve known and loved from their live set now available in the finest of quality. We never need

Riff Police! Pull Over! #139: Iron Maiden Vs Papa Roach!

What do English Heavy Metal Royalty Iron Maiden and Papa Roach have in common? On the face of it absolutely nothing. But if you take the riff from 1:46 of “Genghis Khan“, one of two instrumentals written by the hand of guitarist Steve Harris from their 1981 sophomore album “Killers” and strip it to the

Exclusive Interview: Crostpaths talk “Mutated”!

When it comes to hybrids, Kent quartet Crostpaths have got it down to a fine art and with their sophomore EP “Mutated” set to open not only doors but windows of opportunity as well when it drops on 27th November 2020. You might call them Nu-Metal, Rap-Rock or even Alternative Metal but does it really

Review: “Mutated” by Crostpaths

“We wrote this high-octane material in late 2019 with the intention of a spring release to coincide with touring. Best laid plans eh? Sonically, it’s all action, but lyrically the songs reflect a rollercoaster of emotions that many will be familiar with (especially now): anger, sorrow and stubborn defiance.” ~ vocalist, Ritchie Murray Jack

NEWS: Kadinja announce “DNA” with KoRn cover!

Limp Bizkit, KoRn, Linkin Park, Deftones, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, P.O.D., Papa Roach, System Of A Down. Believe it or not, these are the bands that make up the DNA of Kadinja. So the Frenchmen have recorded their tribute to the Kings of Nu-Metal with a covers album entitled “DNA” popping it’s cork on 27th  September

Listmania: The Influence of Nu-Metal

It could be argued that 2019 is the 20th Anniversary of the Nu-Metal era with 1999 being seen by the masses as the height of the period in Metal History. So with that in mind, we decided to explore the influence of Nu-Metal on a crop of more recent bands, especially as over the past

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Papa Roach Edition…

…Papa Roach. The Nu-Metal turned Alternative Rockers may be on album number #10 when “Who Do You Trust?” sees release in January but the band are probably still best known for their triple platinum major label debut “Infest”. Released in 2000, it features probably one of the biggest Nu-Metal anthems around in “Last Resort”. In