Listmania: The Influence of Nu-Metal

It could be argued that 2019 is the 20th Anniversary of the Nu-Metal era with 1999 being seen by the masses as the height of the period in Metal History. So with that in mind, we decided to explore the influence of Nu-Metal on a crop of more recent bands, especially as over the past couple of years not only has Nu-Metal seen a resurgence but also a new sub-genre, Nu-Metalcore has been born.

1. KoRn and Chelsea Grin

You might not have twigged that Deathcore heavyweights Chelsea Grin were KoRn fans but now that former frontman Alex Kohler has turned himself into a solo Rap artists it might be more apparent. Their take on the often overlooked newer material from the Bakersfield California Nu-Metallers with “Right Now” is a serious assault on the ear drums!

2. Limp Bizkit and Crystal Lake

Back in 2015, Japanese hybrid Metalcore heroes Crystal Lake joined a clutch of bands declaring their love for Nu-Metal and making it fashionable once more by brining honesty to the table. They dropped their cover of “Rollin'” at a time when it simply wasn’t cool to admit that Limp Bizkit was a band you liked. But it sure as hell is now.

3. Papa Roach and Gift Giver

After the huge success of their album “Infest”, Papa Roach have had a career of ups and downs while they’ve played with their sound. Their break out single “Last Resort” which every Metal Head in the last 20 years probably knows all the words too was put to the Nu-Deathcore test by Gift Giver who freely admit to their love of the genre. Indeed from their heavier roots, over a trio of albums before they called it a day, they evolved into a band that could have made serious money in 1999.

4. Slipknot and Hunt The Dinosaur

You can argue amongst yourselves to your heart’s content over a few beers about whether or not Slipknot are are Nu-Metal band. What they have done in their career is nothing short of phenomenal and they’ve done that by managing to get Metal fans from all generations and sub-genre lovers together with their sound. They’ve evolved their sound over the years but the sentiment remains the same. Hunt The Dinosaur are a Progressive Deathcore and for them to do a serious cover is out of their comfort zone!

5. Linkin Park and Dream State


There must be fast approaching a billion Linkin Park covers out there with the outpouring of tributes to Chester Bennington in the aftermath of the news that he had tragically taken his own life. “Hybrid Theory” remains arguably one of the most important albums of the Nu-Metal era with  Bennington’s introspective and relatable lyrics at its heart. Dream State took “Crawling” to their hearts and created a version that lives long in the memory thanks in part to front woman CJ’s passionate embrace of the lyrics in a vocal delivery second to none.

Special thanks to Gecko for coming up with his list of “must recognise” Nu-Metal bands!

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