Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Drinking Songs For New Year!

Our Listmania season will come to an end tomorrow with the New Years Honours List but before it does, there is just about enough time to squeeze in one more; 5 drinking songs for New Years Eve; because what else do people do on New Years Eve except drink a skin full, party and bulls***?!

Australian Hardcore homewreckers and party animals Deez Nuts have to be first up with the drinking anthem that is “Shot After Shot” from 2013’s “Bout It“. There is little doubt that the band who were formed from the ashes of I Killed The Prom Queen more than a decade ago will be one of the first to take the sage in 2021 “…Cause we drink, Shot after shot after shot after shot, And we smoke…

Party Deathcore act Attila may be less about the party these days but 2013’s “About That Life” brought with it the drinking song that is “Shots for the Boys” with those immortal likes “Shot of Tequila, One after another, For all of my homies” and carry it off without being cheesy. Oh and that phat Gold chain in the video?!

The much missed Carcer City were a band that we first saw live in support of Attila at Southampton Engine Rooms and their album “Infinite Unknown” is still a masterpiece. Before that came “The Road Journals” in 2012 and single “Disaronno Lips“. Who doesn’t like a bit of the sweet liquor on New Years Eve?!

Finnish Folk Metallers Korpiklaani gave us their ode to our beverage of choice in Jagermeister and for that we salute them! Their journey around the World may have come to a grinding holt in 2020 but it will the gears will soon be grinding once more. Let the Jager flow and the games begin!

Pick up and shake in the wind, Shed your resource and keep it down, trashed, Don’t make it right, don’t move it in, Put it in the mouth, and swallowed whole, Smashed” …how does a song about the pitfalls of alcoholism become a drinking song? Have you seen the video that Superjoint Ritual put together? It’s freaking hilarious! Who doesn’t bang their head to “The Alcoholik” with a beer in hand?

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