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NEWS: Eschalon make their debut with “Helios”!

…with a little help from producer Meyrick de la Fuente (Exist Immortal, Arcaeon, Death Remains) at Floodgate Audio, videographer Jake Ten and guest vocalist Neema Askari (Form Subtract, ex-Fellsilent, ex-Monuments), Technical Metalcore collective Eschalon have paid tribute to their fallen brother and former Carcer City drummer Karl Riley with their debut single “Helios“. They made

NEWS: It’s pure escapism for Miscreant!

After officially announcing Dane McGhee and Miles Kent as being part of the team as knock down some protein powder based drink and bulking up to a quintet earlier this month, Nottingham Nu-Metalcore meets Gloom Metal  outfit Miscreant have shared their first new material since 2019’s “Dancing With Fear“. Titled ‘Escape The Night’ it has

Throwback: “Sovereign” from Carcer City!

It may seem hard to believe but “Infinite // Unknown” by the sorely missed DJentlemen that were Carcer City has reached its fifth anniversary. The band may have called it a night after one final tour and a main stage performance at Tech-Fest in 2019 but our abiding memory of the band came a couple

Exclusive Interview: The Cartographer talk “Mind Atlas”!

Last week saw the return of Derby Tech-Metallers The Cartographer with their sophomore EP “Mind Atlas”. We say ‘return‘ but they had never really been away; they just found a few stumbling blocks along the path from creating their debut “Human Error” to creating “Mind Atlas” but giving them their due, it has been worth

Review: “Mind Atlas” by The Cartographer

It has been a metaphorical five year stretch in Broadmoor between 2016 debut EP “Human Error” from Derby Metallers The Cartographer and their sophomore release “Mind Atlas” during which the have shared stages with many of the lesser lights of heaven on the underground metal scene including Nexilva, The Dali Thundering Concept, Miscreant and even

The Black Map #146: Beyond Salvation from Manchester!

The fifth anniversary of Manchester Thrash trio Beyond Salvation probably starts here with a cup of Skull Crusher Coffee and a hangover grin. Jon Pedley (Vocals and Guitar), Arun Kamath (Guitar), Karl Stone (Bass) and Simeon Moore (Drums) started the band in 2016 with a mutual love of the more Technical Thrash approach that fans

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Drinking Songs For New Year!

Our Listmania season will come to an end tomorrow with the New Years Honours List but before it does, there is just about enough time to squeeze in one more; 5 drinking songs for New Years Eve; because what else do people do on New Years Eve except drink a skin full, party and bulls***?!

Review: “Control” by The Aphelion

The Aphelion is the point in the orbit of an object where it is farthest from the Sun. As with most astrological terms, the word aphelion derives from Greek, apo meaning away, off, apart and Helios meaning Sun. That makes for a cool sounding band name for a Metalcore act hailing from Brighton England, who