Exclusive Interview: Harvey Lee from Miscreant talks signing with Stay Sick Recordings and more!

Over the past few weeks we’ve reviewed both the recently released “Dancing With Fear” and it’s predecessor “Living Death” from Nottingham quartet Miscreant as they’ve made the leap from Nottingham to Stay Sick Recordings. In 2019 we were lucky enough to bring you a host of exclusive interviews and they will continue into 2020 with this being the first of many more to come! Over the Holiday Season we were lucky enough to gain an audience with Harvey Lee and he took some time out from preparing for their upcoming live shows to answer a few questions…

How does it feel to tread the path of the likes of Carcer City and InVisions and sign for Stay Sick Recordings? How did it come about? It feels great! It’s amazing to join the ranks of some amazing UK bands that have worked with Stay Sick already. It came about when I first contacted them with basically everything Miscreant and they loved our vision and where we wanted to go as a band. We got to talking and the rest is history. 
A lot has happened since your 2016 debut EP “Living Death” and new release “Dancing With Fear” including something of a style shift into a more Gloom orientated sound while still keeping that DJent edge. How much of an influence was the dearly departed Shields guitarist and your friend George Christie on the original release? Christie was a huge part. He very much helped shape Miscreant and was able to create something bigger than ourselves. He was truly amazing to work with and was an amazingly talented musician. We will never forget what he’s done for this band. 
There is a fair amount of introspection in the lyrics of Miscreant, how cathartic have you found the writing process? It’s hard as any lyricist may tell you. You’re letting out your emotions for the world to hear. It all comes from personal experiences talking about different aspects of fear. ‘Dancing With Fear’ is all about dealing with your darkest emotions and embracing your inner fear. It’s That “Me vs me” will always be your biggest fight
How did the decision to leave standalone single “Let Tomorrow Die” from 2017 off “Dancing With Fear” come about? Was there anymore material recorded around that time? We’ve had a lot of ideas over the years. But ‘Let Tomorrow Die’ was definitely a stand alone song for us. The EP was written about a year after LTD was done so kinda just made sense at the time to leave it as a stand alone single.


What was it like working with Gift Giver frontman Justin Johnson on “Bitter Regrets“? Their December single “Damaged Goods” was something we never thought would see the light of day! What did you think of it? Justin is great. He’s the nicest dude and was great to have as a feature! New Gift Giver is amazing and I’m excited to see where they go next! ‘Damaged Goods’ is a great song too.
You must be stoked to clock up nearly 7k’s worth of views for the music video for single “Out Of Place” on YouTube. What have been your personal highlights as band?  It’s got to be getting signed to stay sick and releasing ‘Dancing With Fear’ as it’s just another stepping stone for us as a band. I think the progression of our music will really show are a later date too. But that’s definitely the highlights.
Do “Die Hard” and “Die Hard 2” count as Christmas films? They’re set during the Festive period… Haha I mean.. There’s a lot of talk on this but I wouldn’t say they’re Christmas films. The story isn’t about Christmas it just so happens to be placed a Christmas time for those first 2 movies.
Aside from a trio of shows, including a pair at the end of February with Dreameater, what does 2020 hold for Miscreant? What are the chances of catching you at Tech-Fest in the summer? We have unannounced plans so you’ll definitely see a lot more of us. Tech fest would be cool but we’ll have to see what happens! Would love to play the festival again for sure! 

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