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Playthrough: “Entropy” from Core System!

Given how incredible “Contrast” by Croatian Progressive Metallers Core System is, we had hoped that it would see them at Tech-Fest in 2020 however some things are simply not meant to be. So drummer Luka Bergovec returns to the stool the bands rehearsal space to play “Entropy” for the cameras in a one take live

Documentary: Gear Rundown #1: Drums with This Is Turin!

After This Is Turin went toe to toe with Vexed for who has the better guest vocal appearance from CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder on their respective tunes, drummer Bed Adcroft has turned his hand to giving us a gear rundown video in which he takes us through the kit he used in

NEWS: Osiah stand in “The Eye Of The Swarm”!

If they go ahead, Sunderland Technical Deathcore titans Osiah will take to the stage for Smash Fest, Tech-Fest and Derby Alt. Fest in June, July and October as they stand shoulder to shoulder with the great and the good of the Metal Underground scene. Joined by Ben Duerr of Shadow Of Intent fame, they’ve premiered

NEWS: The Cartographer rise to remain with “Overcome”!

Derby four piece The Cartographer have announced 30th April will see their new EP “Mind Atlas” unveiled. As the title suggests it the EP is going to be ocean deep, touching on subjects like faith, grief and self doubt while coupling them with the bands usual blend of skull crushing riffs which have taken them

Exclusive Interview: This Is Turin talk “T.U.R.I.N”!

Cheshire based Blackened Technical Death Metallers This Is Turin have been mainstays of the Underground Metal scene for as long as we can remember and with their latest EP they’ve invested not only their hearts and souls but also had the courage to ask CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder to make a guest

Review: “Cascadence” by Arcaeon

Some records are hammered out in 3 days in the studio with well rehearsed and live performed songs where it’s just about setting up and commiting to tape. Then there is “Cascadence” by Arcaeon, a labour of love from a group of perfectionists who’d rather take their time and get it right than give us

Review: “T.U.R.I.N.” by This Is Turin

“The fires are dancing to the song of a thousand screams, Let the fallen angel devour me… Excommunicate“ Blackened Death Metal is the genre in which vocalist Darryl Jones, bassist James Kinnear, drummer Ben Adcroft and guitarists Anthony Hayden and Davey Langford do their work in Cheshire based This Is Turin. The outfit have also

Playthrough: “Serpent” from In Fear!

Back in May 2020, Bristol DJentlemen In Fear dropped “Serpent”, their first single having shortened their name from In Fear They Follow. Not that they their original name hadn’t given them their fair share of success and their set at Tech-Fest alongside the likes of Polaris proved they’ve got the talent. After their previous single

NEWS: Vexed Sign with Napalm Records!

We have long championed Megan Targett (vocals), Jay Bacon (guitar),  Willem Mason-Geraghty (drums) and Al Harper (bass) otherwise known as Vexed after their pair of grade A Semtex singles “Elite” (which has guest vocals from Thy Art is Murder vocalist CJ McMahon and has garnered over 500k cross-platform streams as of now) and “Dominate” put them

Playthrough: “By Means of Fire” by Woe Betide!

Brighton Death Metallers Woe Betide dropped their debut album “Throne of Spines” at the end of May, recorded at Audio Beach Studios in their home town before being mixed, mastered and produced by Wynter Prior (Wounded Not Dead) of Sphynx Studios. Leaning more towards the Technical side, they also cite influences in Opeth, Bleed From