Throwback: “Sovereign” from Carcer City!

It may seem hard to believe but “Infinite // Unknown” by the sorely missed DJentlemen that were Carcer City has reached its fifth anniversary. The band may have called it a night after one final tour and a main stage performance at Tech-Fest in 2019 but our abiding memory of the band came a couple of years before that as a band we hadn’t heard of before who opened a show at Southampton Engine Rooms. Party Deathcore Kings Attila were in town and with the Liverpool natives signed to the then label of Chris Fronzak Stay Sick Recordings, they opened the show and annihilated the band that followed them in The Word Alive. Everything had a groove that you could feel in your soul and it was a crushing powerhouse rhythmic performance with a perfectly weighted light show that was Metal at its finest and will remain something that we will never forget. So here’s “Sovereign” pro-shot at Arches Venue in Coventry on 15th December 2016 as we raise a glass of the Italian amaretto; sweet cherry, almond, apricot-flavored liqueur that they sang about on “Disaronno Lips” in celebration.

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