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NEWS: Attila and Traitors MEGA European Tour 2023!

Party Deathcore collective Attila have announced a huge European tour for the first quarter of 2023. It will take them from Holland to Germany with Our Hollow Our Home, Traitors, Ghost Iris and Stain The Canvas in tow, which means Pizza and shots for the boys. Hold the pineapple.

Bootleg: Attila in San Antonio Texas!

As RageFest continues to sweep its way across the US bringing devastation to the nation with Crown Magnetar, He Is Legend and Islander supporting headliner party Deathcore collective Attila footage of the headliners set at The Rock Box in San Antonio Texas has emerged. That was the 3rd April stop on the run with “Shots

Review: “Deadlock” by InVisions

Lets be honest, back in 2018 we had absolutely no idea who York’s InVisions were until we decided to check them out on the After Party stage at UK Tech-Fest and despite being late, they were on point, razor sharp and focused while a couple of dudes who had perhaps had one too many were

Throwback: “Sovereign” from Carcer City!

It may seem hard to believe but “Infinite // Unknown” by the sorely missed DJentlemen that were Carcer City has reached its fifth anniversary. The band may have called it a night after one final tour and a main stage performance at Tech-Fest in 2019 but our abiding memory of the band came a couple

NEWS: Attila take the blue pill…

Atlanta Georgia Party Deathcore brutes Attila will be back on the road in the US with Dead Crown and Jynx at the end of September and with new album “Closure” produced by Josh Schroeder (Varials, King 810) now five days old, they’re sending a subliminal message for opening cut “Anxiety” to be sung back to

NEWS: Attila drink Whiskey all day and party all night!

…with new album “Closure” due later this month, Atlanta Georgia Party Deathcore collective Attila have unveiled another single which lives up their reputation in “Day Drinking“. The release date for the Josh Schroeder (Varials, King 810, In Hearts Wake) produced record is 23rd July with the band declaring themselves a trio on a regular basis…

Riff Police! Pull Over! #156: Attila Vs War From A Harlots Mouth!

We do nothing but resurrect old beef in this feature so if you’ve heard this one before, feel free to skip it. The choice of the 2017 “Chaos” European tour trek poster at the end of this piece is a reference to the album that Atlanta Georgia Party Deathcore animals Attila unleashed the year previously.

NEWS: Attila crush with “Metalcore Manson”!

Having sold out of hit sauce, Atlanta Georgia Party Deathcore animals Attila have been fired up in the studio and following the drop of “Clarity” earlier this month have gone full debauchery with a music video for another fresh one. Going by the name “Metalcore Manson“, Chris Fronzak, Chris Linck and Kaleb Blehm continue to

NEWS: Attila find “Clarity” with new single?

As hinted at over the past few weeks, Party Deathcore outfit Attila have dropped a brand new single. Entitled “Clarity” it comes 9 months after drummer Bryan McClure was show the door following various unpleasant allegations with Chris Fronzak, Chris Linck and Kalan Blehm continuing as a trio. Who the drummer is in the video

Review: “Dirtmound” by Interpreter

Bringing to the plate their debut record “Dirtmound“, Nashville, Tennessee quartet Interpreter are keen to point out that they don’t just create in one sub genre of Metal despite being labeled something of a Technical Deathcore outfit by anyone who happens to be listening. Wade Turner (Vocals), Ryan Waldron (Guitar), Jeremy Arvin (Bass) and Aaron