Listmania: 5x Bands Metal Noise Would Bring Back To Life!

A while back when discussing the success of Stay Sick Recordings and what we’d do if we won the lottery, Gecko came up with an idea. That idea was to create a record label of our own and then go to bands who have now gone their separate ways and cash inject them back into life – on the prevision that they were of their Golden Age sound. So without any further mumbo jumbo, here are five bands we’d resurrect like a Phoenix from the ashes, back from the Dead, when and of course, why.

1. “Infinite Unknown” era Carcer City. Quite what happened to the Liverpudlian Tech-Infused Metalcore band, we’ll never know fully. Having signed to Stay Sick Recordings for their third studio album, the brilliant “Infinite Unknown” in 2016, they seemed to miss the opportunity to follow it up and tour Europe, instead announcing one final tour and stumbling with EP “Silent War“. We’d bring them back with more “Infinite Unknown” groove in a heartbeat, the main stage at Tech-Fest will miss them in coming years.

2. “Self-Tightled” era Lifetight. One of the stand out sets at Fat Lip Fest in 2018 was from Life Tight. Their self titled EP had taken them a long way and the Hardcore act looked set to step up again with it’s follow up before they imploded in the wake of the return of Lock & Key with guitarist Danny Reeves and bassist Elliott Black jumping ship. It was a bitter split and ironic because Lock & Key only lasted just over a year before splitting themselves again due to the physical distances between members. Put simply, “Self-Tightled” is brilliant and the leaked follow up in a very raw format could have taken them to the next level.

3. “The Caitiff Choir” era It Dies Today. Buffalo New York residents It Dies Today were one of the bands that brought Metalcore to life with Trustkill Records at the time being the label to make it happen. Their debut full length album remains one of our favorite records and while we’ve loved everything they’ve done, it would be that era, complete with original vocalist Nicolas Brooks that we’d bring back, given the chance. They did briefly get back together for a fundraiser and to release a new song entitled “Son of Dawn, Brilliant Star” in 2014 but that was 6 years ago.

4. “” era Pitchshifter. To be honest, it wouldn’t have to be the .com era from the Nottingham Industrial Metallers. We were fans of their entire career and were lucky enough to see them on the 20th Anniversary of that record at The Highbury Garage. As far as we’re concerned, they clearly still have what it takes to put together some more music and a pair of tracks from a seventh studio album entitled “Sprint Finish” that saw a collaboration between vocalist and programmer JS Clayden and former Tura Sanata guitarist Brian Harrah have since seen the light of day. That album is something we want.

5. “Vendetta” era Throwdown. Originally starting out in 1997, Orange County Metalcore crew died at the end of the tour cycle for 2009’s polarizing album “Deathless” only to re-appear five years later with “Intolerance” produced by Chris “Zeuss” Harris, an album of blistering short hardcore cuts. Frontman Dave Peters managed to bring the band back for a couple of one off shows since with an appearance at 2015’s Groezrock Festival in Belgium being their last known. Now if we could get them to re-form like the T-1000 and back to our favorite sound of their career in “Vendetta“, then that really would be something else…

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