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The Black Map #89: Regrets from London!

Having spent a few weeks in the North, it’s time to head back down to the Capital for the first entry on The Black Map of 2020! 26th September saw Hardcore duo Greg and Will, better known as Regrets unleash the Lion that is their debut single “No Room” complete with a music video shot

Riff Police! Pull Over! #78: MSRY Vs Lifetight!

After a pair of weeks where Sacramento Californians Deftones featured as being the influencing factor in tracks by Blood Youth and Darknet, it’s time we went Underground for today’s episode of Riff Police. There’s been way too much Thrash and way too many big names. Apparently. Having said that, there is a big name involved

NEWS: Lock & Key go “Over The Edge”

Another new single from the upcoming pinch and a punch for the first of the month that will be “Death Measure” from Lock & Key has landed. The returning Hardcore crew have landed “Over The Edge” with that 1st November release on the horizon. As if that wasn’t enough, they have a trio of UK

NEWS: Our Hollow Our Home announce Holloween III!

Holloween Episode III: Night of the Living Dead is taking place at The 1865 in Southampton on 26th October and will see Metalcore heroes Our Hollow Our Home joined by a who’s who of up and coming bands from the UK Underground Metal Scene and well as the winners of this year’s “Road To Holloween”

NEWS: “Death Measure” Tour from Lock & Key!

First you announce your new EP, then pop the cork on a music video and then after leaking a few shows let out the full tour run, making sure to keep the support bands a secret until the last possible moment. Lock & Key have what the Americans would call a link sausage string of

NEWS: Lock & Key announce “Death Measure”!

Going through the gears with some speed since their surprise return earlier this year are Lock & Key. Their return which caused the immediate death of the simply amazing Life Tight was greeted with mixed reviews in this part of the World but it looks like they are remaining for good. They’ve announced “Death Measure”,

Interview: Heart of a Coward talk new album #7

As their headlining UK tour with Lock & Key and Any Given Day enters night two in Glasgow, Milton Keynes DJentlemen Heart of a Coward count down the last couple of days before their new fourth studio album “The Disconnect” appears via Arising Empire. It will be out on Friday. In this 7th installment of

NEWS: Lock & Key call for a “Lifeline”!

Newly reformed Lock & Key are soon to be on the road with Heart of a Coward and Any Given Day. Before the run kicks off, they’ve dropped their second new single entitled “Lifeline”. The tour starts on 4th June at Manchester Rebellion and the trio will be well versed in playing together having completed

NEWS: Heart of a Coward call for “Ritual”!

The third new single from the upcoming new Heart of a Coward album “The Disconnect” has appeared! “Ritual” is that latest offering and might not be the last before the 7th June. You already know about their 5 date UK tour with Lock & Key and Any Given Day so if you missed that, read