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Throwback: “Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire” by Bleeding Through!

Introduced by a classic sample from the 1999 American cult vigilante action thriller The Boondock Saints directed by Troy Duffy, “Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire” by Orange County Californians Bleeding Through has been a Metalcore staple for 20 years, as has the album it’s from “This Is Love, This Is Murderous“. Produced by

Throwback: “Holy Roller” by Throwdown!

Evolving from Metallic Hardcore to Groove Metal, Orange County Californian’s Throwdown will be celebrating 15 years of 2007’s “Venom & Tears” in the not too distant future so it’s time for a classic in “Holy Roller“, a video for the cut directed by Andy Reale. Their fifth studio album was recorded with Producer Mudrock (Eighteen

NEWS: Aphasia “Slip Away” to Rochester New York!

Being completely honest when it comes to bands which shook our World, when It Dies Today dropped “The Caitiff Choir” back in 2004 via the now infamous Trustkill Records, we were hooked. They may not have been around since a second hiatus in 2015 but to hear that frontman Nicholas Brooks has made a guest

Bootleg: Most Precious Blood in Louisville Kentucky!

It has been a decade since “Do Not Resuscitate” so we could be asking will we ever see Most Precious Blood again? The New York Hardcore crew have regularly denied break up rumours and with vocalist Rob Fusco also in One King Down, it seems they have taken a back seat. Here’s freshly roasted footage

Bootleg: It Dies Today in Brazil!

Filmed at The Clubhouse in Brazil, here’s a partial set from Buffalo New York’s It Dies Today from 2007. It sees the band fronted by former Still Remains bassist Jason Woods and playing tracks from “The Caitiff Choir” and “Sirens” as they waited on the green light from Trustkill Records for their third and sadly

Bootleg: Most Precious Blood in Montreal!

At The Rainbow on 29th May 2003 and filmed by Sebastian Lapointe no less, New York Hardcore crew Most Precious Blood were touring our personal favourite of their albums “Our Lady of Annihilation“, the cover of which has artwork by by Justin Borucki. It was the first of the bands albums to feature One King Down

Documentary: Bleeding Through on Fuse!

Much to our surprise, Trustkill Records YouTube channel has come back to life and given us the full episode of Uranium on Fuse TV that aired in 2004. The documentary is one that sees Orange County Californian Metalcore heroes Bleeding Through as they tour through the summer on Ozzfest playing their seminal album “This Is

Bootleg: If Hope Dies in Burlington Vermont!

1st November 2005 saw Metalcore merchants If Hope Dies at Higher Ground in Burlington Vermont, a set that was captured by Sébastien Laponte and brought to digital life by hate5six. That was a year before they officially called time on the band, but things aren’t over. They’re still very much active on social media, still

Bootleg: Most Precious Blood in Montreal!

Rewinding the clock back to 4th February 2003 for his freshly released and loving restored full set from New York Hardcore crew Most Precious Blood which took place at Salle L’X in Montreal Canada, it serves as a reminder of what we’ve been missing out on. It was recorded by Sebastian Lapointe and was restored

Bootleg: Most Precious Blood in Burlington!

If there was one band we could seemingly bring back from the grave it would be Most Precious Blood. It’s been nine long years since “Do Not Resuscitate” and while they have always claimed that they’re just taking time off with no pressing urge to write, the New York Hardcore act are much missed in